Wall Down

Houston, The Grand-Baby as landed! Clark Kaiming Winter arrived on 7/29 weighing in at 8lb 10oz. Max is taking good care of him:

We are over the moon.

Back on Earth, Helen had a nice trip to LA to visit Aya & Eric:

I’m enjoying retirement with various activities. I started with Irina’s house, finished cleaning it out, did an estate sale, and FSBOed it onto the market:

Now I’m into renovations on our house. I started with replacing a ’70s style sink faucet with something from the future:

It lights up blue/green/red, depending on water temperature:

The next project was/is a bit more challenging. I had a dream in which a Regan like voice said ‘Mr Gorba-Winter, tear down this wall!”. He was speaking of this wall between our bedroom and fireplace room:

So we did, and now we have a room fit for a King and Queen and his King sized bed (why is it that the Queen’s bed is smaller?):

The next challenge was the floor. The solid oak wood floor was in good shape, but the carpet had to go. So I you-tubed up how-to-tile videos and gave it a go. First had to take out the old carpet and particle board:

Then replace sections of weak sub-floor and installed new plywood with legions of screws:

Then comes the Ditra membrane, a bit thinner then conventional tile backer-board, for a better height match with the wood:

We went for these new bleached wood plank styled tiles:

I used a yellow wedge leveling system. A bunch more work, but helps keep the tiles level with each other:

This video condenses the 1 week project down to 3 minutes:

Next up is painting. This room, living room, and kitchen, all white, we like light!

Speaking of light, the eclipse here was at 94%. Dogs were not impressed:

The shadows were interesting, sun crescents everywhere:

Closing with a baby Alien, captured by our spider defense network: