Quality over quantity.

Just you and me, pal. You and me.

As someone who has had a lot of friend issues — and I mean a lot (growing up… not so much in/after college) — I’m here to give you some advice on friendships.

Recently I started to realize how grateful I am to have my best friend Haley in my life. She’s my person: the one I tell everything to, the one who tells me when I’m being a bitch or not making sense, and the one who knows me better than I know myself. I’m sure everyone out there has someone like this (and if you do, amazing, make sure to keep that friend). For those of you who haven’t found your partner in crime yet, you willlllll! Just get out there! Meet people! Rekindle friendships!

This brings me to my next point and the biggest one of all: millennials think that they need to be friends with everyone and it looks “cool” to be popular. NEWS FUCKING FLASH: that is not true. You’re old enough where popularity does not matter and having a solid few friends who are always there for you is better than having a hundred friends who never ask “how are you doing?” So yes, it is true, the quality of friendships is better than the quantity. Here are some tips for keeping a quality friendship:

  1. Always tell the truth (I know this may seem bad at times, but if it’s your best friend, then they know when you’re lying).
  2. Don’t be afraid to call/text a friend when you need help (everyone thinks we can do everything on our own, esp. millennials, but good news is we don’t have to!!)
  3. Be there for that person and they will be there for you (everyone likes talking about themselves, but once in a while you should let another person vent to you).
  4. Don’t listen to people who aren’t your true friends. (This one is big and was one of my NYE resolutions.) Not everyone cares about your life — hate to break it to you — so don’t shout about what’s happening in your life to the whole world….it’s not worth it and you’ll appreciate your actual friends more.
  5. HAVE FUNNNN WITH YOUR FRIENDS! (Last one and best one. Your friends are there for you to laugh, cry, be emotionally unstable with, and just take in the moment with, so have fun with them and create lasting memories. They might just end up being friends you can have for a lifetime.)

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