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Looking to build a following? Eager to help millions of dating app swipers? Too many thoughts not to share?

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Our contributors are storytellers.

Contributing to Brunch is more than a blog post, it is an entryway into your life. Your stories, your brutal dates, your award-winning romances, your work promotions, your impromptu job-hop, and your life journey.

If you want to contribute to Brunch Media, we require a two-month commitment:

  1. Weekly two minute video through the Brunch channels.
  2. One Week Instagram Takeover.
  3. Share your perspective on a common situation facing urban millennials. Maintain Brunch Media’s key pillars. Topics should cover the jaw-dropping discussions with your friends at brunch this weekend (i.e. crappy date, boss’s reaction, Beyonce concert, etc).
  4. Closing Blog Post.


  1. Shape a generation.
  2. Develop your portfolio.
  3. Leverage Brunch creative & marketing support.

You can also:

Option A: Submit a date-night video

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Setup a date via dating app.

2. Record one 2 minute video from the date. Like this.

3. Send it to

Need suggestions for your video, we got your back (video yourself before the date (in Uber to the date or getting ready), during it (halftime report), and/or after the date (next day recap)…it’s THAT easy.

Option B: Send us a quote

  1. Think of a quote about your last date.
  2. Send it to

**If you need us to find you a date, we also go your back for that.**

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