Trying To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While “Living Life” — The Struggle Is Real.

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day

Do you know it is April already? I blinked, and somehow we are a quarter into 2017. Spring (or summer in California) is in full swing right now. Saturday “dages” (day rages) and Sunday Funday brunches are at their prime. It is something about the nice weather (OBVIOUSLY) that brings people outside and happier and more inclined to be social. Say goodbye to that winter cuffing season, and hello to those spring flings (if that’s what you are into). No judgements here! But contrary to the popular belief, the fun doesn’t stop Post College. In fact, it gets better when you can actually somewhat afford more than cheap Keystone kegs and some Franzia boxed wine. You move from frat house parties and football tailgates, to house warming BBQs, bachelorette parties, and wedding season (I am not quite there yet, but I see it among my friends for the future). Who knew?

But, now that I have given you hope that fun still exists — Do you know what the biggest struggle I find to be post-college? Trying to find the balance between living a healthy lifestyle and be social –the whole hitting the gym, while at the same time living life, YOLO motto. I am one of those people that have been working out since I was old enough to go to the gym. Sports aside, in my recent years I try to get to the gym 5 times a week. The gym is my number one stress reliever. Of course I go there to keep healthy and lose weight, but it is also my NUMBER 1 escape from the crazy hectic day I just had. I put my headphones on and it is my escape from the world for an hour or so. My struggle is trying to be a millennial in their early 20s AND trying to be social and make new friends while still not sacrificing something that has always been a big part of my routine. Lately, especially since moving, I try to socialize (ya know by attending networking events or trivia night at a local bar) during the week. I rush out of work just to hope to make time for a quick 30 minute work out before showering and changing and running to dinner with friends. It is EXHAUSTING. Let me tell you. But you know, FOMO, so you try to make it work and do both. You want to live your best life obviously (**insert a thing a basic girl would say for 100 please**).

Some may say just work out in the morning, and then you can do both. I already wake up at 630; I don’t know how I would function any earlier than that. IT IS HARD FAM. At the same time, some people just don’t get the whole gym routine thing. And that is fine! But for me and many of the other gym addicts, it is part of who I am. So as I sit here writing about it and reflecting after a weekend filled with parties, socializing, and maybe one too many glasses of wine, I try to find balance in my routine. Sometimes you just have to wake up one day and say this is going to be my day; my week; my month. I am getting it all done today. All it takes is some self-motivation. To that I say, YOU GOT THIS!

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