Sip Life: Evy Tea turns 1!

The first to market Cold Brew Tea company, Evy Tea, celebrated its one year anniversary this weekend in Jamaica Plain.The weekend birthday party unveiled the converted and (partially) solar-powered 1976 Airstream Mobile Tea Bar which will soon hit the Boston streets, summer festivals, and farmers markets. Evy Tea also announced plans to open a new shop in Charlestown later this summer. City Councilor Matt O’Malley stopped by to congratulate owner Evy Chen and to promote women in local businesses (partners FoMu, 88-Acres, and Bon Me provided alternative ice cream and refreshing cucumber spring rolls to fuel the party.)

City Councillor Matt O’ Malley congratulates local business women: Alison Fong (Bon Me owner), Evy Chen (Evy Tea owner), and Deena Jalal (FoMu owner)
Rosco checks out the new Mobile Tea Bar

The Tea Bar, led by Evy Chen and Rosco, has become a staple attraction in the JP community: friends, families, and dogs all gather on the porch to relax and enjoy fresh cold brew tea. “Evy”, we learned means life, and Ms. Chen has made cold brew tea entrepreneurship her way of life. The cold brew tea process leaves the taste unbelievably smooth and refreshing. Evy steeps the cleanest ingredients (100% USDA organic & non-GMO) in cold water over 16 hours for double the antioxidants and one-third the caffeine of the regular brewing process. As coffee fanatics, we were a little skeptical, but the Coconut Matcha Latte and the Turmeric Matcha Lattes just might convert us to cold brew tea lattes. The Tea Bar will let you sample all the flavors before committing — we sipped on varieties such as Green-Strawberry-Guava, Matcha, Chamomile-Lavender-White, and Hibiscus Berry (get it sparking!) The colorful teas are so fun to drink and post all over social media — who needs a Unicorn Frapp when you can have Evy Tea!

Come to Evy Tea and try the Coconut Matcha Latte

If you can’t make the trek to 253 Amory Street in JP or you can’t wait for the 1 Monument Avenue, Charlestown shop to open, look for Evy Tea at Whole Foods. Follow @coldbrewtea for more information.

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