What Your Brunch Drink of Choice Says About You

Jen Soule
Jen Soule
Oct 6, 2017 · 4 min read

A couple weeks ago I published a blog post “What Your Brunch Meal of Choice Says About You”. If you haven’t read it yet, stop what you’re doing and click here to read it.

Since that article was published, there has been an overwhelming request for a follow-up post focusing on drinks only. When I say overwhelming request, I mean roughly three people made casual mention about it. But, I’m going to go ahead and assume you were all thinking it and just too shy to request it. So keep reading and you can thank me later.


I’m a coffee-addict. I can drink it any time of day so trust me when I say there’s no judgement if you’re drinking coffee at brunch. But, is that all you’re drinking? If it is, you’re probably hungover. You’re probably struggling through brunch with an awful headache trying to make sense of what happened last night.


Maybe you’re short on cash, maybe you’re driving, maybe you’re trying to save calories for food instead of drinks. Regardless of the reason, you’re boring. I’m all for staying hydrated, but this is brunch, live a little.

Bloody Mary

You’re someone I want to brunch with. You appreciate the art of a stacked Bloody Mary and don’t take it for granted. You’re probably really smart, witty, and exceptionally fun to be around. You’re also probably pretty creative because you can usually customize this drink to your preference. A little more horseradish, a few extra olives, or maybe you prefer yours with no pepper. However you like your Bloody Mary, you’re a really great brunch guest all around. Did I mention Bloody Mary’s are my personal brunch drink of choice?


You’re probably a girl. I’ve seen a few guys drinking mimosas, but for the most part, it’s a girl’s drink of choice. No judgment though if you are a guy drinking a mimosa — do you. Mimosas are a decent choice because they’re light and fruity, but they’re also super basic. How do you know someone’s brunching? Because they posted a Snapchat or an Instagram boomerang cheersing their mimosa.


You’re confused. With all the drink choices at brunch, you choose one that really doesn’t fit. You probably ordered a lunch menu item, because who wants to be drinking a beer with their pancakes? No one. They don’t go together. Beer is the drink you switch to once you’ve finished your brunch and decide to stay at the bar to watch a game. It’s definitely not the one you start with.

Orange Juice

You’re healthy. You worked out before brunch and are trying to live your best life. You’re a little less boring than someone who just ordered coffee or water, but you’re not the most fun one at the table. You’re probably the voice of reason at the table telling that one friend to add a little less champagne and a little more orange juice to their mimosa.


Screwdriver, gin and tonic, whiskey ginger, or straight vodka. Whatever your cocktail of choice is, you’re here for one reason and one reason only: to get drunk. And, lucky for you, you’ll probably be the first one at your table to get there.

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