Portland City Council Weekly Roundup for July 17–21, 2017

Cold Storage public hearing at the Planning Board, Bayside land sale public hearing at the City Council.

> Tuesday, July 18 @ 7pm — Planning Board Public Hearing

City Hall, Probably Council Chambers (2nd floor to the left)

Key agenda items:

  • The Planning Board will take public comment on the proposed cold storage facility on the Western Waterfront, after taking a tour of the site at 4:30pm. The proposed facility is seeking a change in zoning code so they can build a larger building up to 75 feet, whereas current zoning prohibits buildings above 45 feet. Public comment WILL be taken.

View the agenda here, and all the associated materials here.

> Wednesday, July 19 @ 5:30pm — Economic Development Committee

City Hall, Room 24 (basement, Myrtle Street side)

Key agenda items:

  • Deliberation and public hearing regarding the sale of city-owned land in Bayside, the former site of the Portland Public Works Department. The Committee decided earlier this year to sell these acres of public land to private developers, and to not set any hard requirements on how the land should be used, though they have expressed a “preference” that some of the land be used for housing. UPDATE: The City’s Economic Development Department has made its recommendations to the Councilors for which proposals they prefer, which you can find on page 57 of this incredibly user-friendly 185-page PDF. Public comment WILL be taken. The Committee will not vote on which private developer to sell the land to tonight, but will continue to deliberate proposals in executive (i.e. private) session after the public hearing.

View the agenda and associated materials (including all the proposals from private developers) here.

> Thursday, July 20 @ 5:30pm — Finance Committee

City Hall, Room 209 (2nd floor, to the left)

Key agenda items:

View the agenda here.