Portland City Council Weekly Roundup for July 24–28, 2017

The final vote on the Camelot Farm zone change, continued discussion of TIF reform, panel discussion on pesticides.

> Monday, July 24 @ 4pm & 6pm — City Council Meeting

City Hall, Council Chambers (2nd floor to the left)

** NOTE: There are TWO City Council meetings today, one that starts at 4pm and another at 6pm. **

Key agenda items:

  • 4pm: Vote to refer Mayor Strimling’s proposed amendments to the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance (to require more affordable housing in new developments and to decrease the amount of money defined as “affordable”) to the Housing Committee for review and action. Public comment MIGHT? be taken.
  • 4pm: Vote to take 32 “paper streets” — unmaintained city streets that in some cases exist only on paper — off the books. Most of these streets are already located within existing City parks or green spaces. Public comment WILL be taken.
  • 6pm: Vote on whether to approve a zone change for the “Camelot Farm” parcel in Stroudwater. This parcel has been purchased by a developer who has applied for zone changes which would convert a strip of land abutting the Stroudwater River into city park land, and upzone the density of the remaining land to enable the construction of about 100 homes on small lots. The land is currently zoned for lowest-density residential housing, but is currently open green space. Public comment WILL be taken.

View the agenda and associated materials for the 4pm meeting here.

View the agenda and associated materials for the 6pm meeting here.

> Tuesday, July 25 @ 5:30pm — Economic Development Committee

City Hall, Room 209 (2nd floor to the left)

Key agenda items:

  • Continuation of the discussion around Mayor Strimling’s proposed changes to Portland’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) policy. The proposed changes would include requirements that companies receiving TIFs hire local/unionized workers, among other provisions. No votes will be taken tonight. Public comment will NOT be taken.

View the agenda and associated materials here.

> Wednesday, July 26 @ 5pm — Sustainability & Transportation Committee

City Hall, Room 24 (basement, Myrtle Street side)

Key agenda items:

  • Panel discussion about pesticide use. Confirmed participants include Chip Osborne (Osborne Organics), Jason Billings (Lawn Dawg), Ethan Hipple (City of Portland Portland Parks Director), Julie Rosenbach (City of South Portland Sustainability Coordinator). Public comment will NOT be taken.

View the agenda and associated materials here.