Brunswick locations linked to COVID outbreak

Popular green grocers La Manna Fresh closes after positive shopper visited

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2 min readAug 13, 2021


La Manna Fresh in Sydney Road is one of the exposure sites.

Three Brunswick locations have been added to Melbourne’s growing list of exposure sites from the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

The three sites are the Albert Street Woolworths, La Manna Fresh in Sydney Road and Petbarn in Weston Street.

All three are tier 2 sites, which means anyone who has visited this location during the exposure times should urgently get tested, then isolate until confirmation of a negative result. They should also continue to monitor for symptoms, and get tested again if any appear.

The exposure at La Manna occurred between 2pm to 3pm last Friday, August 6.

In a statement, the business said it was alerted by health authorities on Friday night that a COVID-19 positive customer was in the store during those times.

The store was to be closed on Friday for a deep clean but hoped to re-open on Saturday.

“All staff working at this site during the exposure period will be immediately tested and quarantine until a negative result received,” La Manna said.

The exposure at La Manna Fresh does not impact the business’ organic store which is in a separate building several doors further down Sydney Road and was not visited by the COVID-positive person.

The new exposure at Petbarn is the second time it has been impacted by a Covid outbreak this year.

It occurred 3.50pm and 4.10pm on August 6. The store was also an exposure site during the lockdown in late May.

The Albert Street Woolworths was between 2pm and 3pm on August 6.

As of Friday morning, there were 402 exposure sites in Victoria.

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