Getting Ideas

Just write #4

The hardest part about writing is figuring out what to write.

I’ve got everything I need to start writing. A big 27 inch monitor, a stable internet connection, coffee, snacks, natural light, pen, notebook, keyboard, classical music, climate control, everything.

But I’m sitting here, staring at the blinking line, trying to come up with something remotely interesting to say.


That always happens when I sit down to write, unprepared.

Now, I’m setting time aside every week (30 minutes or so) to come up with ideas to write in bulk. I put those ideas in a list that I’ll choose from when the time comes. I also try to be observant throughout everyday to pickup on interesting topics to add to the list

In other words, I’m deliberately taking time to figure out topics in bulk.

It’s much easier to do, and much more straight forward. I think of it this way, if I have to sit down 7 days a week to write 7 brute force posts, thats 7 episodes of idea thinking, and 7 times I have to change gear into writing.

If I find ideas in bulk, I’ve halved the daily effort of coming up with an idea and writing about it.

Of course, today’s idea was the idea of getting ideas.

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