Why America?

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I reddit.

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I reddit a shit ton.

Love it or hate it, reddit is my go to source for entertainment, and keeping up with what’s going on. Not accurate information, but just everyday happenings.

The posts that annoyed me the most were posts about stupid problems a first tier country like USA shouldn’t have and should be a better example of.

  • Universal healthcare (not fully implemented).
  • Ridiculously expensive college education and repayment of said loans.
  • Equal rights (took long enough).
  • Abuse of power by the police.
  • Racial profiling.
  • etc.

Other countries are way ahead of us on many of these issues.

Universal health care exists in Germany, France, UK, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Mexico, Cuba. Even Rwanda has universal health care.

Free or extremely low tuition in Germany, France, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria.

You get the idea.

So naturally, what’s so great about the United States?

Why America?

The Grass On The Other Side

As it turns out, the best way to find out is to travel outside of the US, stay for longer than two months, and ask people who’ve been to the US what they missed about it.

I’ve done it a lot, and the answers are the biggest eye openers to the questions above.

1. Land of opportunity

In America, we celebrate success. We idolize people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. Our dream is to work hard and that in itself will bring success and those around you will support you 100% of the way.

We’re very optimistic. We don’t put down creative ideas or things that might seem impossible. We’ll say things like “oh that sounds hard, but I think you have it in you to do it.” Other cultures aren’t as optimistic about change or doing something hard. Other cultures are very conservative, almost fearful of big challenges. You’ll hear “oh that sounds hard, why don’t you just do something easier and enjoy a stress-free life?”

We’re so open to crazy ideas that there is literally a market for anything.

You want to sell sweaters for your turtle?
How about a cactus shaped like a cat?


Places like the UK have the Tall Poppy Syndrome, where the smart and successful who have managed to do the difficult and impossible are picked on for being different. Nothing against the UK, but the culture is very self conscious about itself and about not sticking out like a sore thumb.

America is the sore thumb. We’ve been sticking out like nothing else. We’re not scared of failing challenges, but rather we’re excited about beating it.

We embrace the difficulty and the competition within it all, and that makes us work harder to make the best and newest shit.

2. The Newest New Shit

Our startup culture is second to none. Innovation and invention are cornerstones to our life. The first mass produced car, flight, telephone, internet, touchscreen smartphones with app store, did I mention internet?

We’ve made pretty neat things and are still pushing that boundary with companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Google, DropBox, and Uber.

Being abroad also makes this point painfully clear.

Other countries just don’t have or use the latest shit, not nearly as frequently as the US. China has a Facebook clone, but thats pretty much the only dominant social media. Other countries just uses what the US does, but less of it, as if they were 5 years behind.

Our turnover is also several years shorter. When a new app or service hits vitality, it can quickly disrupt the status quo and be on par with the established bigger dogs. In countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong, change and adaptation happen slower.

We have so much new shit, that everyone envies it. If you thought American Universities were filled with Apple-fans, you should check out <insert any European or Asian country>. The prices overseas are usually higher, as are the prices in the second hand market which means demand is high.

It’s not just Apple either, other name brands like Abercrombie, KFC, and Nike are famously treasured. America is a good brand.

…to be continued on the next post…

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