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Aug 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Growing up, I was surrounded by women who spoke openly about women’s health: about puberty, fertility, childbirth, and motherhood. But when it came to menopause, I was told next to nothing — other than it was “uncomfortable.” I realized, despite growing up around women and investing in a number of digital health companies, that I knew very little about menopause. I found was that there was a dearth of information, community, and resources available to middle-aged women, and though so much of healthcare is about access, women going through this second phase of life simply do not have access to the care they need. In fact, all across America, hospitals are closing their OB units, and women are having to go further and further to see a specialist. In the last ten years, 50% of women who experienced menopause did not see a healthcare professional about their midlife development.

When I met Jill Angelo, I was struck by what a big void genneve is trying to fill and what a big opportunity there is to deliver solutions to women in their middle-age and onward. Women control 80% of healthcare decisions and influence 83% of consumer spending in the U.S., and Gen X women are online, social, and largely in the workforce. Still, there are very few resources on this topic. Genneve aims to change the experience for all women as they enter their second half of life. From their online community and content, women find camaraderie and guidance. Through their assessment and telemedicine offering, users can track their symptoms and take control over their menopause journey. With their products, women can find relief. The platform was designed to provide a range of access for women at this health junction that has been largely underserved.

I have always been drawn to the digital health space, not only because it is such a big market, but also because of the impact solutions can have on people’s lives. I am also excited to leverage my background in consumer packaged goods and work with a company that can reach almost every household in the country. We are excited to start this journey with Jill and the team at genneve. As Jill says: #notimetopause! Off we go!

Here are some of the numbers that surprised and stuck with me as I learned more about the opportunity:

By 2025, 1 billion women will experience menopause

Women control 80% of healthcare decisions. Women influence 83% of consumer spending in the U.S.

45% of women say menopause negatively impact their work

43% say that symptoms were worse than they were prepared for

36% say menopause impacted their social life and 50% say it impacted their sex life

50% of women who experience menopause in the last 10 years did not see a healthcare professional about it.

~ Cheryl Cheng, BRV General Partner

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BRV Signals

News, observations and thoughts from the Bluerun Ventures network.

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