Make A Decision Now

It doesn’t matter if it’s the right decision, but you must make a decision.
Bryan La Rue

When Bryan and I spoke on the phone last night we both clicked instantly on this topic. You see I started collaborative writing just recently because… well I wanted to write more. I made an instant decision to start writing every single day.

If you were to ask anybody who knows who I am they’ll be more than happy to tell you I take action. Why do they say that? I’m able to make decisions on the spot without much thought.


I Wasn’t Always Like This..

But I was able to adapt and change. And I know if you’re sitting there reading this you have that same ability to adapt your mind to be able to make decisions on the spot.

So How Do You Make Decisions?

Well I would love to tell you how easy it is… but I know you wouldn’t agree. You would probably tell me making decisions is tough. You would be right, as over 78% of people believe making a decision is the most challenging thing they do.

Why Is It So Hard?

Making a decision is an immediate link to change. What frightens people more than most things, is change. It’s uncomfortable, different, not normal right? So how can you force yourself to make decisions without this fear of change consuming your thought process?

Crave The Change

Start changing small things in your life. The way you communicate, the way you make breakfast, take a spontaneous road trip. Do something that is different and creates chaos so you can become okay with change.

Once you have accepted that change is a new part of your life and you actually begin to enjoy it… Decisions become easy.

You’ll Be Able To Make Decisions Immediately

It’s absolutely incredible to realize how much decisions will begin to impact your life. Could you imagine receiving a phone call for an opportunity you’ve always wanted, but you’d have to move to a country you’ve never been to and you have to make a decision within 30 seconds? What would you say?

I’m not saying that moving your entire life to another country is something that you’ll need to make a decision on ever… but it is a great example about a very stressful decision you might have to make at some point.

What if you were okay with that change? How many more experiences in life would you have? How many more lessons would you learn? How many people would you connect with?

Life Is All About Success and Lessons — Pitbull

Even if you make the wrong decision… You’ll learn from that decision and make a better one next time. So live life, make decisions and enjoy it. Life is too short.

Absolutely any decision is better than sitting still. — Bryan La Rue

Written by Cole Vandewoestyne

Inspired by Bryan La Rue