QLC 026: Expert Twenty-Something Advice with Matt Kohn

Today I’m excited to welcome Matt Kohn to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Matt Kohn is the founder of Different Hunger, a blog where he shares awesome content based on a project which asked the world’s most successful people: “What advice would you give your twenty-something self?”

Matt started his career in the conventional way, but soon realized that it wouldn’t give him the freedom he wanted to create in his life. He quit, packed his bags and headed to Columbia for 3 months, where he focused on building his blog. He’s since returned home, but now runs his blog and a freelancing web design side gig.

While going through the answers he received from over 75 of the world’s leading influencers, Matt noticed several themes that ran through all of their successes, which we cover in this interview.

“Top performers take action before they’re ready” (Tweet this)


  • Why picking a date for a goal is super powerful
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Why you just need to start taking action
  • The key principles that all successful people share
  • Why reaching your goals won’t make you happy

Hear more and get the full show notes at bryanteare.com/026.


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Originally published at bryanteare.com on August 22, 2016.

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