QLC 053: Finding Your Life’s Mission Through Spirituality with Hanna Bier

In this episode of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast, I chat to Hanna Bier about dealing with trauma and finding your life’s mission through spirituality.

Today I’m excited to welcome Hanna Bier to The Quarter Life Comeback podcast.

Just a few years ago, Hanna was living in Bali, on her way to graduating from college with a degree in International Fashion Management.

However, while her life looked amazing on the outside, inside she was barely holding on.

Throughout her life, Hanna struggled with mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety, depression as well as an eating disorder, and even considered taking her own life.

Facing a tough decision, Hanna knew that there was no way she could take care of her emotional needs, fulfil her dreams AND grow into the person she was capable of becoming while working in her corporate job.

By developing a spiritual practice, Hanna was able to release her anxiety, heal her trauma and build a thriving business, where she now helps other creative women do the same.

“Whatever happens is here because I need it” (Tweet this)


  • The thing most people don’t understand about suicide
  • Can you really be a life coach at 22?
  • What it really means to be spiritual
  • Accepting things as they are versus fighting for what we want
  • How to put yourself in a meditative state to receive powerful visions
  • How to discover the work you were meant to create

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Bryan Teare is a coach and host of The Quarter Life Comeback podcast where he interviews various experts, mentors and other inspiring guests to empower young adults to create extraordinary lives. Follow him on Twitter at @BryanTeare.

Originally published at bryanteare.com on March 6, 2017.

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