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Bryant Peng

Evernote Scannable

Scanning documents on the go

Evernote Scannable is a scanner app for iOS. I joined the team shortly after its initial release, and there was plenty to do. Early feedback showed that some of Scannable’s core assumptions were flawed; the original designers had moved to other teams, so it was my job to come in with fresh eyes and find solutions.


I was part of a small team comprised of a product manager, one other designer (Keith Lang), and several engineers. Keith was my mentor and an essential source of feedback, but I led my own projects.



I’d always been a designer, but my first work experiences were in engineering. This was my first time doing it for real, following a bona fide design process and being rigorous about design decisions. I learned to pick up new skills quickly, like creating interactive prototypes and conducting user research.

I learned Photoshop animation to make this!



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