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Head of Product (October 2019–Present)


Product Designer (February 2018–September 2019)

  • Designed Facebook Portal’s system Help app, reducing customer support cases through intuitive self-help experience
  • Designed feature for buying Oculus devices in bulk, improving customer experiences and sales conversion by enabling large purchases directly from Oculus instead of third-party retailers
  • Designed tool used to manage product and pricing information for Portal and Oculus ecommerce (,, transforming a clunky v1 into an intuitive, consumer-like experience that consolidates all functionality into one central hub
  • Designed highly-visible analytics dashboard for tracking Portal and Oculus orders (used by company leaders like Mark and VP of AR/VR), overhauling the initial attempt — a column of charts — into a robust layout with intuitive navigation and data visualizations, that scales gracefully with future additions
  • Became power user of internal design tool within a month and helped develop company-wide best practices by creating tutorials for advanced workflows, selected by manager to train new hires on the tool


Product Design Intern (July–December 2017)


Product Management Intern (May–August 2016)

  • Shipped 3 cross-team projects with multiple stakeholders in three months, working cross-functionally between product, business, engineering, and design teams
  • Grew Office 365 Enterprise signups 4% by shipping an Office Enterprise onboarding experience that upsells Office 365 and simplifies the upgrade process
  • Identified IT need for greater browser security, gathered user feedback to define requirements and align development with business goals, and shipped System Center Configuration Center (used by IT admins to manage 100+ million Windows enterprise devices) integration into Microsoft Edge feature that runs untrusted websites in a virtual machine
  • Leveraged design perspective in key product decisions affecting usability, built stakeholder consensus and aligned expectations across multiple product teams by communicating cross-functionally


Product Design Intern (December 2014–January 2015, June–August 2015)

  • Redesigned end-to-end product experience for Evernote Scannable by simplifying the core flow and cutting underused features, increasing completion rate by 12%
  • Identified user need for document recovery in Scannable, conducted interviews to understand use cases and designed a document recovery feature validated through user testing, leading to an 18% decrease in support tickets and negative App Store reviews
  • Contributed to product roadmap by leading exploratory market research analyzing product opportunities for growth potential


Software Engineering Intern (May–August 2014)

  • Built document scanning feature for Google Drive mobile app, enabling users to digitize physical documents and save them directly to the cloud
  • Developed algorithm for detecting page boundaries by constructing edges along pixel areas with significant color contrast
  • Implemented logic for correcting distortion on captured images by using edge information to calculate deltas and perform image transformations

Technical Skills

Programming: Java, JavaScript, React, Node.js, Swift, Objective-C, CSS/SASS

Design: User experience design, prototyping, visual design, content strategy, any design software (Sketch, Framer, etc.)


The University of Texas at Austin — 3.82 GPA

  • B.S. Computer Science
  • B.S. Psychology


Genre Daily

Daily feed of the latest music in each genre, playable on Spotify (2019)


Productivity timer for phone addicts. 4000+ downloads, featured on BGR and Brit + Co (2015)

Bryant Peng

Product / Design

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