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Announcing Our New Component Suite

  • Should work with any popular framework like React, Angular and Vue.
  • Minimal or no external dependencies.
  • Great performance.
  • Feature parity (or better) with our current Ext JS based suite.

Introducing Bryntum Grid

Grid with locked columns, grouping and summary enabled
  • Sorting, grouping, filtering
  • Column reordering and resizing
  • Locked columns
  • Search & quick find
  • Inline cell editing
  • Tree view
  • Themes and custom rendering

Grid Performance

Introducing Bryntum Scheduler

Scheduler with grouping and custom group row rendering
  • Task drag drop and resizing
  • Dependencies between tasks
  • Variable row height
  • Summaries
  • Customizable task rendering
  • Tree view
  • Customizable event layout

Integration with other frameworks

Animated DOM transitions

Bryntum Scheduler vs Scheduler for Ext JS

  • Configurable event layout
  • Keyboard navigation between events
  • Collapsible subgrids
  • Interactive header time ranges
  • Animated DOM transitions

Summing up



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Mats Bryntse

Mats Bryntse


CEO @ Bryntum, passionate about all things web dev / JS / CSS.