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What’s new in Bryntum 5.1.0


  • Improved documentation, especially the Getting Started parts
  • More demos available for the major frameworks (React, Vue & Angular)
  • Code viewer for the framework demos
  • Code snippets in docs for each major framework
  • Improved typings to help TypeScript users
// Previously 
type TextFieldConfig = { textAlign: string }
// Now
type TextFieldConfig = { textAlign: 'left'|'center'|'right'|'start'|'end' }

Nesting events in Scheduler Pro

Dependencies feature improvements

  • Dependencies in vertical mode in Scheduler
  • Live redrawing of dependencies during transitions, drag and resize operations
  • A renderer config, allowing apps to affect the outputted SVG per dependency
  • Rounded “corners” by configuring a radius
  • Custom arrow heads

Row expander in Grid

Angular components now use ES module bundle

// 4.x imports from the umd bundle 
// 5.1 imports from the module bundle (which is the default bundle for the package)
import { TaskModel } from '@bryntum/gantt/gantt.umd.js';
import { TaskModel } from '@bryntum/gantt';

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Bryntum creates advanced Gantt project management UI components for web application development, as well as developer tools for testing and error monitoring.

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Mats Bryntse

Mats Bryntse


CEO @ Bryntum, passionate about all things web dev / JS / CSS.