Brothers. Founders. BSchool 2.0

With the next exciting evolution of BSchool, I thought I would share a personal story about starting a business with my brother and why we have such a great friendship beyond being in business together and the journey to date. You hear a lot about not mixing business and family, but what I have found is mutual respect lays a great foundation in any partnership and being brothers has just strengthened that fact.

It began with a handshake

It all began with a handshake at the QT Hotel in Sydney in 2013 and has created a bond between us that now fuels the new relaunch far beyond any business outcomes. It is achieving what we originally set out to do to.

Simply put, create some legacy together.

Growing up

We grew up in suburban Eltham, our childhood characterised by working hard at local markets in the family business and our passion for sports, namely lacrosse and basketball.

From toddlers to young adults, we worked side by side with our parents and looking back now, I think we both view this as a life apprenticeship that has created some core values that are a big part of who we are today.

It helped create an embedded work ethic from growing up in this environment and we seem to be able to dig deeply when it really counts.

A tale of two journeys

Lincoln and I were at complete opposite ends of the spectrum academically. Lincoln was top of the class, became scientist and he continued onto a scholarship driven career, rising quickly through the leadership ranks within the Navy. I opted for a different route, detouring University, travelling and founding several companies over the last 20 plus years as an Entrepreneur.

Defining life moments

Despite us taking two completely different paths in life after school, the idea to work together has always been present. This conversation came to fruition after we suffered the loss of our Dad to Bowel Cancer in 2012.

I think for both of us, if was our first real loss in life. It shakes you to the core when a parent passes away and for Lincoln and I, it provided a very unifying moment.

So when visiting Lincoln in Sydney in 2013, a heart to heart conversation led to Lincoln making a life changing decision. Despite Lincoln having a successful career mapped out already for him, we shook hands and agreed to go on a journey together.

When I look back now, I appreciate that decision even more. Eighteen years of an esteemed career to make a leap of faith to work together is a defining moment and it creates a real bond.

BSchool was born

We began creating courses in collaboration with some of Australia’s most respected leaders and entrepreneurs. We began understanding that the best way to learn — outside of spending years and decades learning by doing — is by studying real contextual stories underpinned by scientific backed learnable principles; from people who have ‘been there and done that.’ This is not to say all the answers can be found here, however, the learning is in identifying patterns and other people’s experiences that provides rich data. We just needed to be a conduit through education.

A BSchool community grew

I think what we are both proud of is how this reasonated and our community has grown to now 30,000 people across Australia. Our BSchool alumni is now taking on the world and leaders impacting within their organisations in ways we didn’t realise when we set off on our journey. It has been very humbling.

We get inspiring reminders daily from the BSchool community.

A renewed focus: BSchool 2.0

In the next two-decades, we’ll encounter the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is reshaping every industry and every business model we’ve ever known. Many are now questioning if the rigidness of current institutional education is meeting the ever-changing needs of organisations.

The question we have asked ourselves is “How is education, leadership and industry making the shift to address next level of disruption taking place right now”?

The reality is the world urgently needs a new mindset and tools to overcome the challenges of this disruption.

Our realisation; we need to focus on ‘Future Skills’ and help people and organisations transform and meet the challenge of The Fourth Industrial revolution.
BSchool is now more an Education Design Lab than a school.

To address this, we are excited to launch a new range of Enterprise Programs, Masterclasses and our own Entreprenerial Micro Credentials. We will also be launching Udify in 2018, the most cost effective pathway to Postgraduate Education in Australia. Check out our new programs here

Exciting times ahead

The journey to date has helped us realise it is rare in life you can create something that really drives you. Creating these new programs and engaging with our network the now spans the globe of leading entrepreneurs and leaders who really believe in our vision has been so energising and we can’t wait to share what we are creating.

I think Dad would be proud seeing his sons working together and know he was a driver for us to take the plunge. Part of BSchool is to assist others to take the plunge, to question how they are leading their organisations and more importantly, question how people are leading themselves through this disruptive age.

We are really excited to launch BSchool 2.0.

Some big announcements soon!

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