BaseCore Team: We create an investment tool of the new generation.

According to Crunchbase, 23 startups will exceed the level of capitalization of $10 billion by the end of 2018. The number of “unicorns” (IT companies with a capitalization of over $1 billion) will double. At the moment, micro-investors are de facto deprived of the opportunity to acquire a share in the capital of such non-public companies — a fact that we consider to be completely unsatisfying.

We remove all the obstacles by launching the BaseCore platform and emitting a BaseCore token linked to the real assets: you will not be their shareholder, but you will be able to gain profit from the growing rates and from capitalization of IT companies.

We are a team of developers, crypto enthusiasts with rich experience in developing various solutions for the general popularization of blockchain in the world.

Our team has already developed a decentralized stock exchange with an open API for the exchange of tokens of the ERC-20 token standard. We understand the rules of this market, its trends and features of regulating, so the BaseCore team knows exactly how to combine traditional business values and digital technologies effectively by applying the most modern products of fintech development and asset tokenization.

We cannot stand aside and watch while such instability is taking place on the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, we entered the next phase of our changing the world plan and developed the concept of a stable security token backed by the assets of growing private IT companies.

The reasons for the development of the Excalibur trading platform were:

  • the users need for anonymity;
  • hacker attacks or closure of the exchanges themselves poses a high level of threat to the assets of centralized exchanges users while decentralized exchanges do not store user’s assets; moreover, the decentralized exchange does not have a single entry point which would allow to access all assets and data which complicates work for burglars and makes the attack itself meaningless;
  • once again on the problem of data theft: there are no personal accounts on a decentralized exchange, verification is not required, and there is no need even to specify your e-mail, therefore, no one can abuse or steal personal data of the users;
  • price manipulation on centralized exchanges (such manipulations are beyond technical abilities of decentralized platforms);

The main feature of the BaseCore project is the development and provision of liquid circulation of a “stable” security token which is provided by the actual value of high-yield financial investments (in the assets of private IT companies) that make up its intrinsic value or core.

To implement this task, the BaseCore token was endowed with three components:

  1. Investment component of a token (based on a high-yield investments in non-public companies assets.)
  2. Stabilizing component (which provides steady BaseCore token rate even in the conditions of cyclical recession of the entire crypto-currency market as well as traditional financial sector.) Our main advantage is the security of BaseCore token, based on real investment financial assets.
  3. Operating component (the financing of the operational costs of the project related to the back and front office activities of the project.)

Summarizing all of the above, we can say that the BaseCore team consists of professional developers with serious experience, living in the real world.

Our office is located in New York. We welcome new acquaintances and we would love for you to schedule a meeting with our team in Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA. Also feel free to contact us through social networks which are listed on the site