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Arcuate Capital forms Strategic Alliance with BSCstarter

Relationship aimed at accelerating growth and building a foundation for reliable launches in the BSC ecosystem

Driven by exorbitant gas fees on the Ethereum network, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been catapulted into the limelight of late. High gas fees, caused by congestion on the Ethereum network, have become a barrier for both developers and speculators.

In response to this explosion of new users interacting with BSC, both new and established dApps are seeking a way to launch on BSC, seeking lower-cost options to deploy experimental and innovative ideas.

BSCstarter is born from the desire to offer a tried and tested framework to developers who want to launch their new and exciting ideas on BSC — providing developers with the support and incubation to kickstart their projects and the community a chance to enter at ground level.

BSCstarter + Arcuate Capital

There is a gap in the market for a project of BSCstarter’s ambition, and our new strategic partners and investors, Arcuate Capital, have recognised this.

“We love what the team at BSCstarter is trying to accomplish. Their product is amazing, the team has a wealth of notable experience in blockchain and traditional tech, and the BSC community is in desperate need of a truly decentralised solution, 100% owned by the community”, says Oliver, Founder & General Partner.

“Their approach to launching — by raising funds for their platform, using their platform — demonstrates this team’s strong leadership by letting the product sell itself.

Arcuate Captial are experienced investors in blockchain, partnering with projects such as 1inch, SmartDeFI, and Maps.Me.

BSCstarter: bringing 100% decentralized crypto crowdfunding to BSC

Essentially, here at BSCstarter, we aim to provide a new take on the launchpad framework; we believe communities can fuel innovation and should have access to do so.

The result is a community-governed launchpad, raising capital for innovative and exciting BSC projects. The community determines which projects list and which do not. No government red tape, no KYC, we put our informed and engaged community in the driving seat. Where the journey takes us, you decide.

‘Rug-pulls’ can easily overshadow the great potential of the growing BSC ecosystem. We are here to present the community with tools to help change that.

We believe that, ultimately, the community, through the means of collective due diligence and research will come to the right decision on whether a project should receive funding or not.

The BSCstarter community ultimately decides which BSC projects receive funding by:

  • Performing due diligence on every submitted application
  • For community members holding at least 1,000 START tokens, approving or denying applicants
  • Any community and non-community member can invest in approved START projects
  • Community members can approve a future grant of 1,000 START tokens if the project is on track as promised one month after the sale
  • FREE audit for projects who successfully complete a raise, by a trusted community auditor not corporate suit auditors

There are no special conditions — every project approved by our community is automatically given a 1,000 START token Incubation Grant, with a 30-day lock from the day of listing on PancakeSwap.

THIS is decentralised fundraising as it was intended to be: community-driven, open and free with equal opportunity for all.

We look forward to collaborating with our new strategic partners in the development of BSCstarter and the BSC ecosystem. We believe their breadth of experience and networking capabilities will help propel us to new heights.

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