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BSCstarter V2: All the Details

We may be barely 3 weeks old, but we are already rolling out V2, bringing enhanced performance and economics to the platform

1. Pools

We have made various changes to the way IDO Pools operate for both pool creators and STARTers. These vary from quality of life upgrades for STARTers browsing the platform looking for the next hot project on Binance Smart Chain to added security features to protect from malicious actors.

  • Once the IDO pool is created, devs can only change product info, pool end time and cake listing time.
  • New voting formula! ‘Yes’ votes minus ‘No’ votes must be greater than 25% of the total supply in order for an IDO to proceed to the funding stage.
  • Support for tokens of any decimal magnitude.
  • All pools now include a short description, whitepaper, a KYC info section (if applicable), and a category.

2. Staking

We have made a few changes to the way staking works, both to the amount of START that needs to be staked to vote on an IDO and a new START staking requirement for IDO devs too.

  • No minimum staking time, 5-day unstaking time
  • START staking is paused during live IDOs
  • Minimum 100 START must be staked to vote

3. Deflationary updates to tokenomics

The tokenomics team have been thinking long and hard about what changes we can make to the way START generates value and interacts with Binance Smart Chain. Here is what we decided on…

  • 0.5% of START raised goes toward START BNB staking rewards pool
  • 1% is used to add to START/wBNB liquidity pool
  • 0.5% is used to buy back and burn 🔥 $START

4. Guaranteed allocation

A lot of our STARTers have been calling for a move from the first-come-first-served (FCFS) model to a guaranteed allocation model. Well, we listened.

  • Gold members will receive a guaranteed allocation if 500+ START is staked
  • Guaranteed allocation is % of START staked/total staked
  • Guaranteed allocation will be available for the first 2 hours of an IDO only (these hours can be changed by the IDO creator)
  • After Guaranteed Allocation time has passed, any unsold tokens will be available to FCFS buyers, first come first served (FCFS) buyers need to stake 50+ START to take part.


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