50 Texting Statistics That Can Quench Everyone’s Curiosity, Even Mine

Irene Rufferty
Sep 20, 2017 · 6 min read

Some people find statistics rather boring. It’s common. Me too. However, that depends on what statistics is going to be about. Today’s one is texting. People text a lot, so there’s much statistical data on that from various authority & trusted sources, and some of that can quench everyone’s curiosity, even mine. So here we go.

World Text Statistics

1. A more than 7,700% monthly increase in texts sent over the last decade was spotted worldwide.
2. More than 560 billion SMS are sent monthly all over the world.
3. Not including apps to apps things, about 18.7 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day.

4. Instant messengers like Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp, combined with SMS every day transmit more than 60 billion texts.
5. About 4.2 billion ordinary people print texts and send messages worldwide.
6. SMS is the most widely used service all around the world.

7.More than 200 thousand SMS per second is sent by people around the world, that is, about 7 trillion messages per year, averagely.

Age Stats

8. An average of 133 messages per week is sent by a young person aged 18 to 25 years.

9. 91% of teenagers who have cell phones (majority) with cell phones actively use them to write SMS.
10. About 50% of adults, aged 18–24, confirm that text dialogues are not less (if not more) meaningful to them as phone calls.
11. Averagely, adults under 45 are more likely to receive and send more than 85+ messages every day.
12. 59% of students confirm that a college can message them first.
13. 77% of students demand from colleges needful information via text message.
14. Every day people, aged 18–24, send and receive about 128 texts.
15. People under age of 18–24 send and receive 3,853 texts monthly.
16. People under age of 25–34 send and receive more than 75 messages per day.
17. Adults who are under the age of 55 send and receive only 16 texts per day.

Regional USA Statistics

18. About 81 per cent of Americans use SMS to communicate every day.
19. 2.27 trillion messages are usually sent annually in the USA. Pretty much, eh?
20. The USA is responsible for about 45% of the whole world’s message volume.

21. Averagely, Americans write messages twice more often than they call.

22. In 2010, almost 200,00 messages were sent each second during the year, and all by the Americans.

Time & Rate Statistics

23. Phone calls are 10 times slower than texting.
24. Open rate of SMS messages is 99%.
25. Average reading time of the message is 3 minutes.
26. Average response rate of the text is 45%.
27. On average, students at college spend about 94 minutes per day for messaging.
28. Averagely, it takes only 5 seconds to read SMS.
29. 23 hours per week is spent by an average adult on texting.
30. 96% of people who have smartphones do text.
31. 33% of Millennials’ mobile usage is taken by messaging.

Business Texting Statistics

32. Nearly 78% of people would like to have a text conversation with a business.
33. 79% of bosses use SMS messages in business purposes and are supportive in terms of texting in business.
34. Businesses would like to receive messages from business numbers in 61% of cases.
35. 80% of professionals currently use SMS for business purposes.
36. People prefer SMS messages mostly for changing appointments or generally scheduling, as well as making reservations and confirming them.

37. More than the half of professionals claim that they cannot stand even 10 minutes without responding to a text.
38. About 44% of consumers rather prefer to start texting than to wait long for an agent’s response on the line.
39. In sales process, texting with a qualified team lead can boost conversions up to 100%.
40. 72% of business experts are more likely to prefer messaging over instant messaging apps and SMS.

41. 90% of leads are preferred to be texted, as compared to be called.

42. In business, SMS response rates are 295% higher than the rates from the phone calls.

SMS Records

43. Austin Virshke, 17-year-old boy was able to print 149 characters in 39 seconds during the speed SMS typing championship, held in New York in 2012. The teenager became the winner for the second time and earned a prize of $ 50 thousand dollars. Pretty much, eh?

44. 667 messages were simultaneously sent by the pupils of an American school in Utah in May 2011. The text of the message called for caution on the roads. This record was recorded in Guinness World Records.

45. 35.54 seconds took Franklin Page, an American, to type a phrase of 160 characters and become a record holder for typing SMS using the Swype keyboard (on the touch screen).

SMS Creativity

46. In 2012, a 97-year-old American writer Herman Wouk published a new book, which consisted of SMS and electronic messages. The novel was entitled The Lawgiver and was about modern people who were trying to make a film about Moses in a comedic way. The book was an epistolary novel, made of SMS texts, articles, various memes and other modern expressive means.

47. A book, consisting of SMS-messages about people complaining of loneliness, was also released by Jeff Ragsdale and David Shields, American authors. The book is called Jeff, One Lonely Guy, 2012. The story begins with the fact that one of the authors of the book, Jeff, a 40-year-old actor, broke up with his girlfriend in October, 2011. After that, he posted an advertisement with the following content on Manhattan:

According to Jeff, thousands of SMS and about 700 calls came in every day. In six months, more than 65,000 people appealed to him. After a while, Jeff decided to collect the material and publish it in a separate book, which was truly a brilliant idea.

SMS Aftermath

48. Passion to correspondence through SMS messages can lead to a number of negative health consequences, in particular, to a Carpal tunnel syndrome. In 2010, the media reported on a resonant case: a 16-year-old American schoolgirl Annie Levitz sent about 100 SMS within 24 hours. As a result, she lost the mobility of her wrists and fingers. Only everyday injections of a strong anesthetic save Annie from the wild pains in her hands.

49. Each fifth teenager is in a risk group of negative SMS impact, and there are more girls in this group, than boys.

50. Experts believe that adolescents who are excessively addicted to SMS-correspondence, are 40% more likely to be not hooked on it, but try to smoke, twice as likely to drink alcohol, and 43% more inclined to socially dangerous behavior; in particular, they are 55% more likely to fight, according to the scientists. So, it’s an issue of controversy if SMS typing is bad or not.

What do you think? Feel free to share your ideas.


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