How to Build a More Productive SMS Marketing Team

Since connection with customers on the go is the latest marketing tendency, text messaging and a text message (SMS) in particular is considered to be an extremely powerful marketing tool than it was ever before.

However, the proliferation of mobile devices and applications cannot guarantee success of marketing. That is why it is extremely important to build a more productive SMS marketing team and use SMS to the fullest for boosting sales, keeping in touch with customers and always staying tuned in tomorrow ahead of time.

Thus, there are certain techniques of writing more effective marketing texts for SMS that will sure help in building a stronger team for realization of your marketing strategies asap.

1. Stay focused and laconic

Your marketing team should show focus and being laconic in work with such tool as SMS. They should be able to create brief messages and stay laser focused while approaching creation of such user content. The truth is that there’s no room for fluffy things in mobile marketing. You should know the audience and approach it directly. Omit needless details, and simply clearly explain how to make profit of your offer, its key benefits.

2.No abbreviation, slang and hype, etc.

SMS ain’t a good place for using stylistic devices and being sophisticated. Writing off-topic means being spamming. Spam is immediately deleted by users at first glance, or at least not willingly read. It’s also extremely essential that you should leave out anything that might sound too promotional or even slick, etc.

3. Immediate value things

No one is interested in messages with no immediate value. Receiving an SMS is instant and demands a real time offer which is interesting right here & right now. Regardless of whether you’re giving data about a deal or another item, the message must describe the advantages of acting in these terms right now.

4. Position yourself

Positioning is always a weak point. How often do you receive messages that do not actually define particular company or the brand? We bet — quite often, because you may often see the messages from the numbers you don’t recognize, and as a result — do not even wanna waste your time for checking them out.

5. Your customers are special

Never send the information that can be found on the official website or on pages of your social networks. Hurry up to make your customer feel special and exceptional with the help of the original content only. In addition, show care for them offering only exclusive promotions and addressing by names.

There are also some extra pieces of advice for a more productive team work from true professionals:

Tip 1. Segmentation of audience

There is a common user’s’ complaint: «Majority of SMS I receive are useless.» or «Almost all marketing messages are pathetic.» What you need here is segmentation and targeting to avoid such misunderstandings with your audience. These will guarantee that your audience gets the most relevant right here and right now. And sure it will make a huge difference between spam and seeming like a truly informational message.

What’s more, it’s highly recommended to integrate your CRM (if any) with your messaging platform. Do not forget to follow your statistics, look through the analytics data with sales history or the demographics in order to make sure you are sending bulk messages to the right people.

Tip 2. Time is your everything

It’s common that all we’ve got is the time. There exist several essential aspects of timing the marketing team should be aware of when you hope your SMS campaign turn out to be really successful. It’s proven that deals that expire are more valuable for customers in comparison with the open-ended ones. So, limit the time of message value. Make it expire soon, which automatically will hurry your customer up with making decision and call for action in times faster.

Another timing aspect is making sure that messages are sent exactly in opportune time. For instance, when a customer buys a certain product, you immediately offer a related product via SMS with the hope of keeping him/her back and surely interested.

Feel free to experiment with messaging time in order to find the optimal timing too.

Tip 3.Triggered SMS are everything

Normally the highest SMS opening bursts happen in the first hour in with 70% of cases. This promptness allows for viable triggered SMS. Thus, when there is a regular customer who over certain time period stopped coming over to your place, you can send any SMS reminding of yourself and get him\her back easily.

What’s more important is that these so called triggered messages may be the greatest ways to ask for a feedback from your faithful customers, as well.

Tip 4. Links should be pretty

Agree, links are not eye-catching by nature, even if they are normally turned out. When you add tracking exertions to them, they become even uglier. Use an URL shorteners to solve the problem and present your messages in a more appealing way as they save your precious space.

Tip 5. Simple, short & sweet

This piece of advice somehow resembles that one at the very beginning, and may be the most important tip to follow in the case you are gonna have success with SMS campaign. The point is that text message may contain only up to 160 characters. Because of that, the faster you get to the punchline of your text, the better. Keep that in mind while building productive SMS marketing teams and campaigns. Good luck!

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