SMS Solutions for Entertainment Industry

It’s common that to keep existing customers is easier and cheaper than finding the new ones. This is the rule that is applied to many areas of entertainment industries: in sports, shopping and so on.

A modern urban resident has plenty of choice: numerous alluring cafes, restaurants, cinemas, fashionable night clubs, fitness centers and so on. So, how their attention is attracted? How may the clients be distracted from your competitors and attracted to your business? In fact, each company needs may be well satisfied by a simple SMS. That’s how you may grab the customer’s attention and outrun your competitors fast and cheap. Bulk SMS Messaging Services will help to solve majority of sales & marketing and many other problems.

Examples of using SMS-services for the entertainment industry:

  • Announcing concerts, performing DJs, themed parties and other events;
  • Distribution of messages with the film schedules;
  • Informing about the new items on the menu;
  • Notification of new entertainment facilities opening;
  • SMS confirmation of the table reservation in the restaurant;
  • Timely customer payment subscription reminders;
  • Informing about the current discounts and promotions;
  • Invitation for the open door days;
  • Other targeted SMS for specific groups of consumers.

Such types of SMS messaging are known to be an extremely important business tool in working with the client base, which allows you keeping regular clients and attracting the new customers.

Large companies and individuals, making money on entertainment and leisure services, must constantly evolve to keep regular visitors and allure the new customers from their competitors. If you organize a new event in a nightclub or invite a popular artist, you need to advertise it among the audience of potentially interested people. And the best way for this is a top quality messaging service at affordable prices.

An online SMS messaging platform that is also available for triggered messaging for entertainment industry, or any other area of interest allows you to quickly and inexpensively send out short messages to the phones of potential visitors and inform about interesting offers from your organization:

  • Concert announcements;
  • Opening entertainment complexes;
  • Djs performances;
  • New gaming machine arrivals;
  • Providing discounts;
  • Involving customer’s friends;
  • Movie schedules, etc.

The popularity of SMS is directly proportional to a competently planned advertising company, implemented with the help of inexpensive and effective methods. The best tool to promote your entertaining spot is to install a ready-made platform for sending messages from BSG and initiate fast and cheap messaging on the spot.

So, if there are any problems with the new event attendance in your entertainment center, lack of club visitors, sales decrease, and so on, they will be more likely solved by an effective SMS messaging successfully.

Announcements of performances of musicians and singers, DJs, dancers in pubs and at the nightclubs, the schedule of the most recent films in theaters, news about the opening of the new entertainment facilities: attractions, water parks, halls with the gaming machines, and so much more will be available to the customers in a single SMS.

Advertising is the engine of trade and also the popularity of any entertainment industry. If you want to solve the promotional problems, build an advertising campaign, boost sales and improve the work of the marketing team at your entertainment institution or the whole entertaining network, choose the top quality SMS messaging platform and start working right away! BSG helps with that competently and effectively. Have a try and see it for yourself!

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