The Most Incredible Stories And Adventures of SMS Service Customers

It’s been awhile since the first Short Message Service or SMS was introduced to the world and became so tightly integrated into our lives that we can not even imagine our lives without this convenient means of communication.

They say measure is a treasure. However, some customers of various SMS services sometimes get too absorbed with the process of communication, and fall into various delicate situations if not completely ridiculous.

We’ve picked the most interesting stories from the users lives and their SMS messages. There are both seriously heroic deeds, and the most ridiculous cases. Enjoy it, anyway!

Watch out!

Alex Longueira, a girl from New York, was so much distracted from the world by printing SMS on the go that she did not notice an open hatch under her feet. Municipal service workers had opened a sewer hatch and were just getting out warning signs out of the car, but did not manage on time. Fortunately, everything was okay and the girl didn’t hurt herself much. She only got some minor cuts, bruises and lost a shoe.

As a result, her parents were long terrorizing communal courts, and Alex got a nickname: little SMS maniac and became popular to some extent. The case taught a lesson both the girl and the users. We now know from the other people’s mistakes how stupid or even harmful the situation may turn out.

A 50K Dollar Prize for SMS

LG is well-known for making regular competitions and conducting various contests with the real cash prizes. Guess which ones? Yeah, right — SMS texting competitions. A 15-year-old Keith Moore won a lump sum of money in one of such competitions. The most surprising was that texting SMS, she instantly dialed the text blindly, moreover, in extreme conditions: moving and having a range of obstacles. At the same time, no spelling and punctuation mistakes were made in the message!

Kate said that manages to send about 14 thousand messages in a month. Sure thing this is a well polished skill and practice makes perfect.

SMS in Free Fall

Samsung holds various competitions not less often than its major competitor. In Extreme Text Messaging category, the fans of jumping with a parachute decided to set a new world record. During the flight it was necessary to write and send an SMS message with the following content: “The wildest freshwater fish is piranha. Although it has razor teeth, it rarely attacks a man.”

The jump was planned from a height of 3665 m, so it was necessary to quickly dial and send SMS in 1 minute, after that — open the parachute and make a soft landing. It turned out that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Average result was more than surprising. The participants of the competition managed to write only 1–2 words. The only person who scored 5 words and one letter was Barry Chase. However, yet nobody succeeded with that to the Guinness Book of Records. Well, sky is the limit. Somebody someday will do that.

SMS Divorce

This is not even a humor, and not even a fantasy. This is all real. You probably have already found out from Incredible SMS Statistics You May Not Hear About that Malaysia has extraordinary law.

Since 2003, the law on divorce in Malaysia allowed making judgments with the help of SMS messages.

Unfortunately, the law is loyal to men only. Men are given an opportunity to divorce their wives by sending SMS. It is believed that SMS is another form of writing. And in order to claim a case in court, the only essential condition is necessary: message sent must be clear and unambiguous. Anyone who wants to marry in Malaysia? Divorce maybe?

Washed out

This story happened in Oxford and is about Nicholas Sparks, a truck driver who was too busy texting from his mobile phone and completely forgot that he was driving. As a result, he caused an accident.

The oncoming car took off and landed in the courtyard of the neighboring house, knocking down the air conditioner and gas pipeline on the way. The motorcyclist also happened to be near the carefree SMS sender, who, in his turn, ended in a swimming pool, having a bath.

Luckily, the residents of the house weren’t injured as they were not in the yard, but on the second floor of the house, though they were scared to death, of course. No wonder, the rumbling, similar to a bomb explosion could scare anyone. The moral is: there’s always time to play and work.

When SMS Smashes People

In September, 2008, in USA (California), near Los-Angeles the two trains collided: a passenger and a freight one. As a result, 25 people were killed and 135 injured. The cause of the accident was a simple SMS message sent by a train driver. It was defined that 22 seconds before the collision, the driver of the passenger train sent an SMS text. And just for the protocol, he managed to send and receive 57 messages on that very shift! Only think of that, the driver in question was distracted and jeopardized the passengers about 57 times in total, and one of those turned out to be the fatal one. In the end, distraction and transition on red light cost both the driver and his passengers their lives.

There is a precedent — there’s a new ban. After that, a ban on the use of mobile phones by train drivers was introduced on the territory of the United States. Well, it serves them right!

When SMS Saves Lives

David Nott, an English vascular surgeon, who used to work as a volunteer in Republic of the Congo, managed to make an operation to a 16-year-old boy with the help of the instructions sent via SMS in extremely urgent situation.

The teenager was brought to the hospital with a gangrene on his left hand. Some people said that he was rather bitten by a hippopotamus on fishing, others claimed that the boy was caught in a shoot-out between the government and the rebellions. No matter how it was, Dr. David Nott did not care of explanations, he had to save a kid.

He admitted that he had never done such operations before, so he had to consult an expert colleague. And he had such in London, whom Nott immediately contacted, asking for help. Thus, Marion Thomas had to send an SMS from England with a step-by-step instruction for conducting the operation.

“I took a deep breath and followed the instructions, sent in the message.” -doctor said.

The truth was that in the UK such operations were also very rare — about 10 per year, and only for the cancer patients. Anyway, Dr. Nott’s operation-debut was completed successfully. A grateful look of the boy was the highest reward to him.

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