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BSN and Algorand Support the World’s Largest Environmental Hackathon in 2022 to Push Blockchain Adoption for Global Sustainability

[Hong Kong SAR, January 10th, 2022] — — Fishackathon, first held in 2014, is the world’s largest environmental hackathon, taking place across over 30 countries and 40 cities. It is a global program that engages passionate innovators and inspires mass collaboration to create equitable, responsible, and sustainable seafood supply chains by applying impactful, actionable, and scalable digital solutions. According to John Kerry, “protecting the ocean is an existential issue: The ocean sustains all life on Earth. Finding a practical, pragmatic way to protect the ocean is a must. The tide can turn, so to speak. Our job is to help it in the turning.”

The Fishackathon 2022, organized by Eachmile technologies and Padang&Co, started accepting submissions at the World Ocean Summit APAC on Dec 6, 2021. This year is the first time the Fishackathon is using blockchain technologies. BSN sponsors the #Fishackathon 2022, along with Algorand Foundation, to support coders and developers in building blockchain-based solutions for fisheries, aquaculture, supply chain, and social & environmental sustainability.

The BSN was created to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technologies, which have the potential to dramatically and positively change the way of everyday life. In Fishackathon 2022, developers and coders worldwide can take advantage of the BSN infrastructure with over 16 different blockchain protocols on multiple cloud services like AWS, Google, and Azure to build game-changing blockchain applications to support this ocean sustainability. At the same time, the winner will be rewarded with a generous prize.

Tim Bailey, the VP of Global Sales of Red Date Tech — the architect behind BSN, said, “We’re proud to be part of this event. We also believe that blockchain can be a fundamental technology to help support sustainability in the world’s ocean ecosystem. We want to support coders and developers in building blockchain-based solutions for stakeholders in seafood supply chains. We’re making these world-changing technologies available to those that need it most and are proud to help make this happen through the Fishackathon platform.”

Algorand, a world-leading permissionless protocol, also takes part in the BSN’s sponsorship. ‘We’re excited to support Fishackathon with our uniquely green blockchain platform. The Algorand network was designed from the ground up to minimally impact the environment. With the ocean system hackathon embodying the key values of the Algorand ecosystem, we are looking forward to having more climate-friendly innovation on fisheries, aquaculture, and supply chains”, according to Sean Lee, CEO of Algorand Foundation.

The Algorand Foundation has awarded multiple grants to the projects addressing climate change and the marine system, including a grant awarded to the Scottish nonprofit SEA. SEA is a dApp suite, environmental kickstarter, and cryptocurrency designed to support environmental conservation and marine science.

To participate, go visit

About Red Date Technology & BSN:

Red Date Technology(Hong Kong) was founded in September 2014 and is one of the four founding members of the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN). Headquartered in Hong Kong, Red Date Technology is the technical architect behind the BSN and is responsible for the BSN’s research & development, daily operations, and maintenance.

The Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, and cross-framework global public infrastructure network used to develop, deploy, and maintain all types of blockchain distributed applications (DApps). BSN aims to change the existing problem of the high cost of developing and deploying blockchain applications by, just like the internet, providing public resource and interoperability environments to developers. In this way, the development and universal adoption of blockchain technology can be largely accelerated.

About Algorand Foundation:

The Algorand Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the global promise of blockchain technology by leveraging the Algorand protocol and open-source software, which was initially designed by Silvio Micali and a team of leading scientists. With core beliefs in the establishment of an open, public, and permissionless blockchain, the Algorand Foundation has a vision for an inclusive ecosystem that provides an opportunity for everyone to harness the potential of an equitable and truly borderless economy. For more information, visit



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The BSN is a cross-cloud, cross-portal, cross-framework global infrastructure network used to deploy and operate all types of blockchain DApps.