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Notice of BSN’s Major Updates on August 31st, 2022

The BSN team is committed to refining existing features, improving the user experience, and introducing new features. The next quarterly update will be released on August 31st, 2022, with significant optimizations of existing features, updates to the BSN-DDC Network, and the launch of the BSN Spartan Network. An early preview of the update is as follows:

BSN International Portal

  • Fix bugs in the package dependencies of BSN DID Services to enhance security
  • Integrate more public chains

BSN China Portal

  • Launch the Neo-based Open Permissioned Blockchain
  • Optimize Open Permissioned Blockchain functions, bulk recharge APIs for Wenchang Chain and Wuhan Chain, the interaction between the IDE and smart contracts on Wuhan Chain, and balance inquiry for all Open Permissioned Blockchains
  • Integrate Hyperledger Fabric 2.2.1 SM2 Version in the BSN ICH based on the Poly Enterprise interchain solution
  • Fix bugs in the package dependencies of BSN DID Services to enhance security

BSN-DDC Network

  • Launch the Neo-based Open Permissioned Blockchain
  • Improve the underlying performance of Wenchang Chain, Wuhan Chain, and Zhongyi Chain
  • Enable one-way transfers of official DDCs from Wuhan Chain and Taian Chain to Ethereum
  • Optimize the performance and stability of the BSN-DDC official portal and OpenAPI
  • Upgrade the official DDC smart contract and SDKs: add functions including activating the official DDC service and recharging chain accounts in bulk
  • Optimize the functions and stability of the DDC Vault: support access and data display of third-party applications
  • Enable the meta transactions in generating, destroying, and transferring official DDCs
  • Release a new API service for platforms to manage DDC business more efficiently

BSN Spartan Network

  • Release non-crypto public chains and corresponding SDKs based on Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polygon Edge.
  • Embed a governance model to ensure decentralization and co-governance of the BSN Spartan Network
  • Implement an incentive mechanism to rebate NTT based on on-chain transaction volume in Spartan virtual data centers

BSN will continue integrating new frameworks and enabling various advanced technical services. For more details about quarterly updates, please check out our user manual on the BSN portals. For general inquiries, please email us at Subscribe to our official Medium to not miss anything! Thank you!



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