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Live Panel Discussion with experts on IDO vs IEO

IDO — the new IEO? IDO is certainly a next step in Blockchain Finance and DeFi especially. Still we need to see how it will be developing and correlating itself after a series of lessons learned. An IDO, or “initial DEX offering,” is the latest way for crypto projects to sell their tokens to the public.

Moderator — Malcolm Tan, Chief Strategic Advisor, Technicorum Holdings Pte Ltd
Anna Tutova -CEO, Coinstelegram, Ukraine
Evgheny Turvinenko — Chief Magic Officer, Emiswap, Dubai
Zain Rana — Founder, DAFI Protocol, UK
Kyle White, Angel Investor, Atom Foundation [bSWAP parent]




Learning from other AMMs mistakes, Dynamic Swap is rebuilt and refocused as the home for DeFi. The Dynamic Swap protocol provides decentralized solutions for all DeFi projects and objectives from pre-launch to post launch through a dynamic AMM.

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Kyle White

Kyle White

Hands on Angel Investor and Advocate for DLT

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