One stream to rule them all

BTC Funding with Facebook Page support!

Keep track of your funds, your Facebook Page conversations and shares.

The newest BTC Funding release allows you to link your Facebook Page to your CrowdFunding Campaign. This is one step in the right direction to keep all relevant information in one place.

The Facebook Page integration into your crowdfunding campaign is the first step towards an unified stream. By aggregating information on your campaign page, the campaign is not only more transparent, but it gives you also a good overview about ongoing discussions. Engaging with your supporters shouldn’t be a hazzle.

Link your Facebook Account

If not yet done, you need to link your Facebook account to your BTC Funding account.

Option a) Quick Login with Facebook
Use Facebook to Login. No previous registration needed!

If you have no BTC Funding account yet you can directly sign-in with Facebook.

Go to: /login

Option b) Link Facebook to your existing account
Link Facebook to your existing account.

If you have a BTC Funding account you can link your Facebook account from Your Accounts.

Go to: /account#/social_accounts_management.

Link your Facebook Page to your CrowdFunding Campaign

You are only able to link existing Facebook Pages that you manage. If you have no Facebook Page yet go to and create one.

Option a) To existing campaign
Select a Facebook Page that you want to link to this campaign

Navigate to the campaign that you manage and that should be linked against a Facebook Page.

In the left sidebar you see a drop-down field with all your Facebook Pages. Select one and click on the Link Page button.

During the process all posts are gathered and are visualized immediately in the stream on the right.

Option b) To new campaign
Select your Facebook Page during new campaign creation.

Got to /campaigns/create and create a Public Funding campaign. Be aware that you can not link a Facebook Page to a Closed Group Funding campaign. In the second step, Setup Campaign, you see a drop-down from which you can choose one of your Facebook Pages that you manage.

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