Our Partnership with the MAD Network

A Decentralized Ad Tech Platform

We’re excited to announce our partnership with the MAD Network, a decentralized ecosystem for the ad tech industry designed to return lost value to advertisers and publishers.

The MAD Network is a set of decentralized applications aimed at facilitating peer-to-peer exchange of ad campaigns, ad inventory, and data via a distributed network of exchanges, servers and data management platforms. The MAD Network will become the programmatic advertising platform within BTC Labs’ decentralized media suite, a collection of powerful blockchain-based tools for the media industry. All projects incubated by BTC Labs will be used by forward thinking media companies seeking the benefits of decentralization.

The first project backed by BTC Labs was Po.et, a shared, universal ledger designed to track attribution and ownership information for the world’s digital creative assets. BTC Labs developed the core technical architecture of Po.et and advised it through its successful token sale process. Po.et will be integrated into the MAD Network’s technology stack as an identity verification source for the creative advertisements exchanged throughout the platform. Creative content supplied in network insertion orders will be timestamped by Po.et in order to attribute unique advertisements to their rightful owners.

BTC Labs is working closely with the MAD Network to develop MADnet books, the payment rail powering future decentralized servers and exchanges within the platform. BTC Labs is also advising the MAD Network team through their upcoming token sale, which will happen in Q4 2017. The MAD Network will be built in tandem with MadHive, an enterprise software startup developing blockchain solutions for the media and advertising industry. MadHive will build upon its previous experience building blockchain products, specifically tools for the OTT market.

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