Alpha Bitcoin Staking Launches $9M A.I. Leveraged Yield Protocol

Donnie Kim
BTC Proxy
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3 min readApr 26, 2024



[Roadtown, BVI] — BTC PROXY, An innovative Bitcoin DeFi protocol released its Flagship Alpha Bitcoin Staking protocol which saw 9M in Bitcoin subscriptions.

Alpha, as its name implies, is a Bitcoin yield-generating protocol for Bitcoin, filling a void in the ecosystem left by the departure of centralized platforms attempting similar ventures in 2021/2022. Bitcoin in the Alpha pool is connected via custody partners to an asset management system, designed to generate Bitcoin-based income using an A.I. algorithmic tool utilizing back-testing methodology and a proprietary research process focused on capturing market volatility through derivatives. Alpha has been tuned to provide safe, consistent returns for individuals and institutions that wish to HODL Bitcoin and preserve the potential for Bitcoin value appreciation while adding additional yields

Current BTC Yield is 5.7187% APY

To gauge its attractiveness for investment, one can compare BTC Alpha to Ethereum Staking as well as other comparables on the UI through charts and tables. Currently, BTC Alpha offers an attractive yield 2% higher than its Ethereum counterpart with Excess returns of 0.61% versus the Risk-Free rate of the 1 Year US T-Bill.

Risk Free Rate 5.00% — Alpha Rate 5.7187% — Eth Staking Rate 3.80%

Alpha is a hybrid Institutional-DeFi product with contributions from individuals that have joined the team to inject experience and knowledge from the Hedge Fund and Derivatives space. Limited participation of the upcoming Beta launch was fully subscribed by the protocol partners with the anticipation of raising the max capacity in the second half of 2024. The current max capacity has been set to 150 Bitcoin with some space still available for participation by the general public.

Noteworthy to mention that Alpha will become the central focus of the BTC Proxy ecosystem which will incentivize further bridging of BTC to BTCpx and increase the utility of PRXY token which will be the beneficiary of 0.3% of the excess returns generated from Alpha to be allocated to the PRXY Farm.

BTC Proxy has pioneered Bitcoin DeFi products since 2021 and is well positioned for the future as the adoption toward Bitcoin continues and industry pivots away from centralized organizations towards more transparent and decentralized platforms. BTC Proxy offers transparent blockchain solutions in a familiar DeFi staking format as an alternative to closed platforms that have long posed challenges with transparency. BTC Proxy aims to provide BTC holders with the safest solution for use of their Bitcoin into DeFi, enabling them to earn competitive yields offered by comparable staking mechanisms paying out in the hardest currency in existence.


BTC PROXY is a multi-institutional protocol enabling the decentralized tokenization of Bitcoin onto Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Networks. It serves as a permissionless Bitcoin bridge to a suite of DeFi products, including the minting of BTCpx, cross-network bridging, permissionless redemptions of BTC, Compound staking for PRXY tokens, Bitcoin Farming, Bonding, Interest Bearing Products for Bitcoin, as well as NFT Keys and Vaults for yield. Additionally, the protocol is set to introduce the upcoming Redux protocol, an on-chain Borrowing and Lending solution for Bitcoin and other digital assets.

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