10 Must-Follow BtoB Marketing Twitter Accounts

This is article was written in 2016, but was recently moved to Medium. This may affect certain aspects, numbers, or momentum mentioned in this episode.

As any B2B marketer I have my Twitter sources. People whose B2B tweets are relevant, helpful, not essentially promotional and mostly neutral. I decided to highlight 10 must-follow BtoB marketing Twitter accounts in this article today.

Alex Clarke (@alexclarke_b2b): Alex is working as a digital content manager at @MarketingB2B, which became a reference for every B2B marketer. Alex sounds very passionate about what he posts and about his job, I like his enthusiasm and I am definitely supportive as a young B2B marketing fellow myself. He is mixing professional and personal tweets quite interestingly, which makes his approach look real (another social media marketing best practice fellows…). Alex is a good writer, as you can see in this great infographic-based article “10 musts for your B2B website homepage”: https://www.b2bmarketing.net/resources/blog/infographic-week-10-musts-your-b2b-website-homepage

Ardath Albee (@ardath421): Ardath is the CEO of Marketing Interactions Inc., which basically helps B2B companies to elaborate and implement efficiently their digital marketing strategies. Ardath is a pleasure to follow: she shares views and 30 years of experience in business management and marketing operations as well as fresh news about B2B marketing and she has great interactions with her peers on Twitter (besides pushing a lot of interesting information). See her nice video contribution on Backbone Media. Looking forward to interviewing you soon Ardath!

David Hubbard (@MOutfield): David is the CEO of Marketing Outfield, a Sales and Marketing consulting and implementation firm. What I like in David’s Twitter feed is that he is permanently trying to fill the gap between Sales and Marketing, and this is typically the type of challenge I face on a daily basis as a B2B marketer, besides the usual Marketing-related challenges (“how to make your campaigns more efficient?”, “how to make my webinar announcement more exciting?”, “how to implement my marketing automation tool?”, etc.).

Emi Carmichael (@emiliabeth): Emi is working as an account director at Modern, a B2B marketing agency based is Bristol, UK. You might say that I am easily satisfied, but Emi is always making the effort to complement her tweets with a nice .gif or contextual image, which I find pretty pleasant (a social media good to replicate). Besides the visual aspect of her tweets, some will say that she mostly post content from her employer’s blog, and they would be right. I don’t follow a lot of marcom nor digital agencies in general, so let’s say that Emilia is also my bridge to @modernb2b‘s blog content, which appears to be very good. Emi is much more involved in Modern than just RT some of the blog’s content, as she also seems to be active in front of the camera to give you some pieces of social media marketing advices.

Eric Wittlake (@wittlake): I discovered Eric’s Twitter feed following the online activities happening around the hashtag #B2Bsummit. And the less I can say is that he was quite active there. You are quite a live-tweeter Eric! By day, Eric is working for a B2B marketing agency called @BabcockJenkins, and by night (he must have loooong nights) he is writing on his amazing blog entitled B2B Digital Marketing. I like the way Eric tweets: besides providing his audience with plenty of interesting and diversified posts, he gives his opinion about stuff. He is hunting for marketing urban legends and never hesitates to go against the established order and to propose different ways of “thinking marketing”.

G. David Dodd (@gdaviddodd): David holds a pretty old fashion-looking blog called B2B Marketing Directions, nevertheless presenting great “information, opinion, and speculation about where B2B marketing is headed”. There are several reasons why I recommend you to follow David if you are a B2B marketer: he is writing valuable, original and specialized content about the evolution of B2B marketing, he is tweeting intelligently and finally, you can feel in his editorial choices that David is a experienced marketer. This is basically everything I am looking for on Twitter. You can check his blog (no offense for the “old fashion” statement David…) here.

José Javier Garde Lecumberri (@jose_garde): with an average of more than 4700 tweets per month since the creation of his Twitter account January 2014, José is certainly very productive on social media. Why he is good at this exercice: you see him posting all the time, but essentially fancy and interesting posts, which is (we will all agree on this) quite a challenge. Another good practice to replicate from José: have as many different Twitter sources as possible. This will give you the credit of not getting inspiration from a couple of websites or blogs only (in this case you readers can easily question your neutrality). José is posting a lot of B2C-oriented news, but which you often have the opportunity to reuse in a B2B context with a little imagination and creativity.

KO Marketing (@KoMarketing): I discover this agency creating online marketing programs for B2B companies only a few weeks ago. Their content creation policy is great, supported by a productive content writers network, with both either internal or external contributors, which is clearly a key to guarantee a permanent content freshness and accuracy (more people = more sources = more updates). Between the ten Twitter accounts I mention in this article, KO Marketing is definitely in my top 3 in terms of Twitter account management / development good practices. Their posts are diversified, interesting, they have great interactions with their followers, they repost information from other Twitter accounts that are definitely worth the read too. I recommend you to check their blog.

Susan Tatum (@susanptatum): Susan is a B2B LinkedIn marketing & sales strategist for @conversionco. She is an admin of a quite successful LinkedIn group dealing with Social Media for B2B Marketing and Sales. I have been following Susan for a while now, she keeps posting smartly about B2B marketing and sales problematics, with a 360° view on marketing. Of course she happens to do the promotion of her company’s social media marketing services, but fair enough, we know how it works, we were not born yesterday.

Sirius Decisions (@siriusdecisions): I had to name this B2B research and advisory company that I discovered at the @CMITfr Forum 2016 in Paris during a great speech from one of their speaker Metaxia Karagianni (@MetaxiaKara) on the following topic: “Engaging B2B buyers to drive growth: are B2B marketers and buyers aligned?”. From the exact moment when Metaxia finished her talk I have navigated all over the web to find out about Sirius Decisions, and I am blessed to know them today as a great source of B2B marketing researches and trends.

I hope you enjoyed this article showcasing my 10 must-follow BtoB marketing Twitter accounts of the moment. Feel free to give me your feedbacks, and let me know if you would be interested by more of those BtoB top 10’s.

BtoB Marketing & Sales is many things: articles and insights into our beautiful (sometimes complex) B2B world, a podcast, a guy who fell in love my BtoB Marketing in 2009, an expertise, a passion and also a consulting company. Meet me on LinkedIn and Twitter to develop synergies!

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