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Introducing “BTour Chain”, The Platform That Connects People & the World

Project Introduction

Hello from BTour Chain!

We would like to ask you something before introducing BTour Chain to you.

Question: What is necessary for travelling?

Probably the answer will be like-

Air-ticket, Cash/Credit card, Hotel Reservation, Roaming etc.

Everything we commonly think we need for tourism leaves information as data form, and your data means more than what you think.

Air ticket reservation, hotel reservation, activities reservation, telecom operator info and consumer information, all together quite a lot of data. All those data become into one big data, which is combined with various business models and becomes a driving force to provide more convenient and various tourism services. For example, information about famous restaurants or tourist spots etc.

However, all these data are not being used properly as there is a limit to building tourism data and establishing suitable big data. First of all, available data is monopolized by a small number of specialized companies, and it is difficult to establish a win-win cooperation system and linkages between different fields and data due to limitations such as privacy protectors. On the other hand, most of the tourism companies are small, and not many companies have enough resources to run big data on their own. So, they need support from big data companies.

Btour Chain can be the perfect solution

What is BTour Chain?

BTour Chain is a global tourism big data platform for transforming the global tourism industry into a new paradigm.

Through Blockchain of BTour Chain, we will take the world into new phase.

  1. Transparent trade in the global tourism industry
  2. Tourism & attractions related Big Data for the tourist.
  3. Promote the mutual benefit of tourism by using Big Data in Marketing Strategy.
  4. Promoting the global tourism industry to the fourth industrial revolution technology and certain portion of the profits obtained through this will be donated to the society for welfare.

What does BTour Chain do?

1. Business Model
BTour Chain offers a total tourism platform that provides tourists with various services for travel, from booking, travel packages, accommodation and withdrawing money from the visiting country. In addition, we are establishing BTour Chain’s Node in tourist cities around the world to pioneer the global tourism industry into a new paradigm. The node collects tourism-related data, including tourist and consumption information, and provides tourism big data services through tourism smart devices.


  1. Dissemination and expansion of tourism smart device infrastructure on tourist cities
  2. Storing tourist and consumption information in Blockchain for Big data use.
  3. Provide Big data for making customer based marketing
  4. Establishing a tourism ecosystem based on Blockchain and big data

2. Social Welfare / Contribution
Our main goal is not just pursue a tourism ecosystem just for business but to create a HAN Ecosystem where Human, Art, and Nature coexist and harmonize to do Global Good. We will provide a trust system that benefits both the tourism site on the supplier’s side and the tourist on the user’s side, and conduct Global Good through donations and social support based on these two aspects.

BTour Chain’s Core Technology?

Our core technology is a Blockchain model optimized for big data.

Big Data from BTour Chain is provided to all parties including tourism operators, government offices, tourism product providers and dApp developers. By paying BTour Token temporarily or staking BTour Token to calculate the usage amount of data, one can use the BTour Big data. We will explain more details about BTour’s big data technology, next time.

Our project sounds difficult or complicated? Probably this will help.
The Platform That Connects People & the World.

For more information related to BTour, visit the following links!

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