Blockchain Technology Partners joins InterWork Alliance (IWA) as founding member

BTP backs industry standards organization focused on enabling token-powered ecosystems worldwide sponsored by Accenture, Digital Asset, Microsoft, Neo and SDX

Oliver Johnston-Watt
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3 min readJun 2, 2020


NEW YORK — June 2, 2020 — Blockchain Technology Partners (BTP), the leading enterprise blockchain company, today announced it is joining the InterWork Alliance (IWA) as a founding member. The IWA is a platform-neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to creating the standards frameworks needed to increase innovation across token-enabled ecosystems, which formally launched operations today.

The InterWork Alliance’s mission is to simplify the adoption of the emerging token-based economy by developing standard protocols and languages to enable the global issuance and transaction of these tokens. Technology and platform-neutral, the IWA is to tokenization what the Internet Society (ISOC) was to the adoption of the Internet.

The InterWork Alliance is led by Ron Resnick, formerly Executive Director of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and chaired by Marley Gray, Azure Blockchain Principal Architect at Microsoft. As part of the announcement, the Token Taxonomy Initiative is being absorbed by the IWA.

“We are at a critical juncture where we will only realize the benefits of token-based business models at scale if we can collaborate and agree on a common approach, building and expanding on the work of the Token Taxonomy Initiative,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, CEO and co-founder of BTP. “The InterWork Alliance has been designed from the ground up to enable this process which is why BTP is delighted to be a founding member of this initiative and, in particular, contribute to the InterWork Framework.”

The InterWork Framework is a key area of focus whose goal is to allow businesses to compose multi-party contracts from clauses that directly correlate to the token standards, enabling communication protocols to be defined and connected to framework components regardless of the eventual technology deployment.

“While the InterWork Framework is technology and vendor-neutral, Digital Asset’s open source DAML smart contract language is a logical reference implementation,” said Kevin O’Donnell, CTO and co-founder of BTP. “As experts in automating the deployment and management of blockchain and smart contract infrastructure, BTP is well positioned to support this implementation.”

BTP is delighted to have been invited to join the InterWork Alliance as a founding member as it aligns with BTP’s core values with its focus on openness, transparency and interoperability in order to accelerate the tokenization of everything. BTP is also a member of the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), a non-profit association dedicated to influencing blockchain public policy, and Hyperledger, an open source software foundation dedicated to developing enterprise blockchain standards — both of which have also joined the IWA as launch associate members.

The InterWork Alliance is sponsored by Accenture, Digital Asset, Microsoft, Neo Global Development and SIX Digital Exchange (SDX). In addition to BTP, its founding members include Amberdata, Calastone, Chainlink, DEKRA, DLA Piper, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Envision Blockchain, HACERA, Hedera Hashgraph, IBM, ING, Nasdaq, R3, Tokensoft, UBS and Web3 Labs.

About Blockchain Technology Partners

Founded in 2018, BTP is a leading enterprise blockchain company. BTP brings the benefits of blockchain and smart contracts to business by providing Sextant — a management platform that radically simplifies the deployment and ongoing management of distributed ledgers and smart contract infrastructure.

BTP’s customers include the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Quantum Materials Corp. BTP has offices in Edinburgh and New York and is a member of the Global Business Blockchain Council, Hyperledger, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, ScotlandIS and techUK.

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