Announcing Disperse.Network, BTRIC’s Newest Innovations Incubator Project

Today, Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation, or BTRIC, enthusiastically announces the launch of a new project in our Innovations Incubator program, called Disperse.Network.

As readers of our BTRIC updates blog here on Medium know, we’ve talked for some time about the need to move beyond centralized social media content platforms, here’s a few examples:

Disperse.Network node swarm concept (from Unsplash)

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have shown that they’re willing to silence voices, both because of political pressure as well as to advance their corporate agenda. This is similar to how television networks, radio broadcasters, and newspapers have operated in the past. This is a dangerous trend, and today we are pleased to announce that Disperse.Network is going to do something about it.

Based around multiple decentralized networks, Disperse.Network is being engineered to enable people to exchange ideas and information, without fear of censorship or control. By building a tightly-integrated decentralized platform that combines microblogging (like Twitter and Gab), social networking (like Facebook and LinkedIn), and media sharing (like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram), Disperse.Network will enable new ways of engaging with people, businesses, and organizations.

Professional content creators (like YouTube personalities and independent filmmakers) will appreciate our content monetization approach, with multiple streams of revenue sharing as well as a larger percentage share than existing platforms.

Users of the platform will like our approach to data control and privacy, including full control over what information is shared and with whom. They will also appreciate our approach to ethical advertising that does not track or profile them and also provides ways to opt-out of advertising by using their idle computing power or through subscription purchases (completely optional).

Everyone will appreciate that our platform is designed to break out of “data silos”, and eliminate “information gatekeepers”. No entity, including Disperse.Network ourselves, will be able to censor content on the platform. Human expression should be free to everyone, without fear of censorship, control, “shadowbans”, or any other controls over lawful words, pictures, and video. Inappropriate or illegal content will be removed through community consensus.

The monetary aspects of our platform will operate completely using cryptocurrency. Content creators will receive their revenue share in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another major cryptocurrency of their choice. Subscribers, advertisers, and distributed computing users will pay for their service using cryptocurrency, including with Disperse tokens.

Today, BTRIC is launching our incubation fundraiser for Disperse.Network. We’ve established a GoFundMe page to fund the costs of building and launching this platform. Through our website, we also accept contributions by cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, and PayPal.

This fundraising campaign will raise the funds needed to build and launch Disperse.Network, first as a Minimum Viable Product and then as a beta test. The service is expected to launch its beta test in the late third quarter of 2018. Disperse.Network is expected to complete incubation and launch as an independent business in the late fourth quarter of 2018.

At this time, it is expected that Disperse.Network will launch as a corporation through an Initial Coin Offering in compliance of Regulation A+ of the Securities Act. Because regulations in this emerging field are subject to change at any time, this will be reevaluated prior to launch.

When it launches, Disperse.Network will give us Disperse Tokens, which BTRIC will pass on to each donor to the project and to BTRIC Founding Donors as a reward for donating to this project and/or to BTRIC. Donors that contribute to this crowdfunding fundraising campaign will receive 10 Disperse Tokens for each dollar contributed.

In addition, BTRIC’s Founding Donors that hold BFD Token when Disperse.Network launches will receive 20 Disperse Tokens for each USD contributed to BTRIC’s launch campaign. (Of course, if you’re not a BTRIC Founding Donor, you can still participate in this fundraising campaign.) Not yet a BFD Token holder? Visit BTRIC’s launch campaign to learn more, or watch this quick video:

BTRIC Founding Donor (BFD) Token Offering

  • March 20, 2018: Pre-ICO Crowdfunding Campaign begins.
  • May 15, 2018: Full white paper, business plan, and marketing deck released.
  • July 2018: Alpha test/continuous integration begins.
  • August 2018: Disperse Tokens donated to BTRIC and distributed to Pre-ICO contributors and BFD Token holders.
  • September 2018: Disperse.Network divests from BTRIC as an independent business entity.
  • October 2018: Disperse.Network beta test begins.
  • November 2018: Disperse.Network launches to the public.
  • December 2018: Disperse.Network conducts Regulation A+ Initial Coin Offering.

Contribute to the launch of the next generation of social media, Disperse.Network. Spread the word, tell your friends. We don’t know how long they’ll let us promote the tech that will obsolete their businesses on their platforms, so please help spread the word.

You can contribute through our GoFundMe page with credit and debit cards. You can also contribute through our website with cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, and PayPal. Please ensure we have your email address so you can claim your Disperse Tokens later this year.

Visit Disperse.Network’s page on BTRIC’s website, add us on Twitter, subscribe to our newsletter, or join our Telegram chat room.

Disperse.Network is a project of the Innovations Incubator initiative of Blockchain Technology Research Innovations Corporation (BTRIC). BTRIC is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit economic development organization that is focused on the emerging technology field. BTRIC’s Innovations Incubator program works with promising projects as a business incubator and startup accelerator. When projects have completed the incubation phase, they are launched as independent businesses, investment-grade and ready to take on the world.

Donations received will be retained by BTRIC or forwarded to BTRIC UK, our related UK based charitable organization, based on the location of the donor. In either case, your donation supports this project (we just have to manage funds properly in order to operate as a dual-recognized charity under both US and UK law).

Donations from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Israel, and all locations other than those listed below for BTRIC UK will be retained by BTRIC and may be tax-deductible to the extent permitted by the law in your country.

Donors located in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, and member states of the European Union will be forwarded by BTRIC to BTRIC UK and may be eligible for tax relief to the extent permitted by the law in your country. In addition, donors located in the United Kingdom will be forwarded a Gift Aid declaration. Please consult a tax advisor for information specific to your circumstances.

All funds collected through BTRIC’s GoFundMe campaign for Disperse.Network or on Disperse.Network’s project page on BTRIC’s website will be used to implement this project.