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55% said, “DeFi will replace the existing finance”

Many digital asset users believe that “DeFi is the future of finance and will replace traditional centralized finance systems.”

A recent Dove Wallet survey of 5,508 users worldwide asked, “The Future of Decentralized Financial Services,” more than half of all respondents agreed with the prospect that DeFi would eventually replace traditional finance. Also, 14% said DeFi would work complementarily rather than replace the existing financial infrastructure. On the other hand, 10% of respondents expressed unfavorable opinions, “DeFi is a bubble that will soon burst.”
While some have raised questions & concerns about the DeFi bubble collapse amid its explosive growth, the poll results have confirmed DeFi’s compelling value proposition and support from digital asset users worldwide.
Country-specific results revealed little difference in DeFi’s future; countries from Africa, South America, and the Middle East, known for their active digital assets related financial market growth, seem to have higher expectations for the future of DeFi. On the contrary, only 30% of S. Korean users agreed with the prospect that DeFi would replace existing finance systems, significantly below the overall average.




Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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