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66% support digital asset taxation as it becomes the norm

In the midst of continuously arising questions and confusion surrounding digital assets taxation, a recent survey polled over 5,750 users worldwide by Dove Wallet has found that 66 % of all respondents were in support of it. In particular, nearly half of the respondents expressed a strong support view, considered it as an obligation & duty.

On the contrary, 20% of survey participants have dissented with their disapproval. Among those dissents, 11% of respondents expressed their strong opposition to digital asset taxation, insisting that a completely new & different framework & tax rules are needed. 9% also showed the opposing opinion with concern that taxing digital assets is premature and too early with very little or no understanding.
While taxation rules in many countries are taking shape rapidly, some of the survey results from countries such as S. Korea, now drawing up its tax proposal, also showed still remaining discontented feelings about digital assets taxation interestingly. According to the survey, more than 53% of users from S. Korea expressed a dissenting opinion.
Overall, such a high approval rating for digital asset taxation can be interpreted as a reflection of expectations for full-fledged regulation & legalization, which means a bigger digital assets market with the inflow of financial opportunities.




Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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