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Buy Bitcoin with debit/credit card now

Now you can buy cryptocurrencies with VISA,Mastercard.
Dove Wallet supports BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH for this feature now, and you can pay with USD,EUR.

Buy cryptocurrencies with ‘Card Buy’ button on Wallet page.

Buy cryptocurrencies with debit/credit card

The following steps will get you to start buying cryptocurrency:

1. When logged into your account, go to the ‘Wallet’ page.
2. Click one of the wallets which you’d like to have your cryptocurrency.
3. Uncheck ‘Hide zero balance’.
4. Choose a cryptocurrency, and click ‘Buy’ button.
5. You will see a window like ‘Buy BTC with card’. Enter the desired amount. (Minimum amount starts from 50 USD)
6. Click Next, and check the checkbox with an agreement message.
You will be directed to the payment page as soon as you click ‘Go to payment’button.
7. The opened page will walk you through the payment and verification steps.

Card payment service is provided by Simplex. Please ask any questions or issues related with payment to Simplex.

  • A currency conversion fee may be charged if EUR is a foreign currency on your credit card.
  • Some cards may be declined for cryptocurrency purchases. Try with other card in this case.

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