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Digital assets and fiat deposit audit report

Dear Dove Wallet users,

We are sharing the ‘Digital assets and fiat deposit audit’ report, which was completed by Daejoo accounting corporation as of 24th Sep 2021.

Audit result:

Digital assets: Dove Wallet holds securely more than 100% of the digital assets, according to the report

Fiat(KRW): Dove Wallet holds securely about 323.96% of fiat(KRW) against the payable amount to customers, according to the report

Auditor: Daejoo Accounting Corporation

Base date: 24th Sep 2021 15:00(UTC)

Subject: 89 digital assets and fiat(KRW) deposits

Venue: Childly headquarter

Dove Wallet is paying customers anytime upon the customer’s request. We will keep our transparency and security.

Thank you.



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Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.