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Dove Wallet adds 3 African currencies, GHS, UGX, TZS

Dear Dove Wallet customers,
Dove Wallet has added support for Ghanaian Cedi(GHS), Ugandan Shilling(UGX), Tanzanian Shilling(TZS), deposits & withdrawals are now available.

Facilitated by African fintech firm, Flutterwave, the integration allows deposits withdrawals of the currencies to directly buy and sell various digital assets on Dove Wallet. With the updates, it will provide a more convenient & enriching environment for Dove Wallets users in Africa, one of the fast-growing digital asset finance market in the world.
Unfortunately, due to the foreign exchange control laws in some countries, the service will not be available to the users in those regions, including South Korea.
Dove Wallet will continue every effort to provide a more enjoyable & attractive finance environment.

Thank you. Super happy!



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