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Dove Wallet obtains ISMS certification

Digital asset wallet service ‘Dove Wallet’ announced that it had obtained an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification by the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). KISA is the Ministry of Science and ICT’s sub-organization dealing with Internet and Information security promotion.

ISMS certification is a certification system that comprehensively evaluates whether a company or an organization has a protection management system for information assets and manages it safely and reliably. Through a rigorous audit that involved weeks of on-site due diligence, it must pass 5 areas of the ISMS management process, 13 areas of information protection measures, and conformity assessment of 104 access control items.
Above all, ISMS certification has provided an opportunity further to increase customer confidence in Dove Wallet’s safe information protection management operations.
Previously awarded ISO27001 certification last April, Dove Wallet’s ISMS certification has once again demonstrated the highest level of information protection management and operating system.
Also, ISMS certification is one of several requirements for virtual assets service providers to acquire the business license under the newly introduced amendment to the Specified Financial Information Act; it will help prepare Dove Wallet’s VASP license for the Korea region without a hitch.



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