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Dove Wallet rolls out an update to its website

Dear Dove Wallet users,
Dove Wallet, a global digital asset wallet service, has announced it began rolling out its website updated with overall design changes.
The newly updated website aims to improve intuitive information delivery to users and easy access to various banking services by Dove Wallet, strengthening the user experience by placing the high-convenience features on the front.

The top page has been reorganized with Dove Wallet’s services such as instant buy, savings, trade, and daily bonus so that users can easily engage and access.
Daily Bonus, one of the representative financial benefits provided by Dove Wallet, has also been newly refurbished and placed in the center of the homepage. Dove Wallet distributes some portion of the gathered trading fee to users back as daily bonuses according to the user’s total balance and trading volume. With the renewal, users can immediately check the distribution status of the daily bonuses.

Along with this, a new ‘market tag’ has been added, which displays the digital assets trading tables in real-time. The market tag allows users to quickly and intuitively check the information they’re most interested in, such as surging or sharp declining assets, and newly listed assets, along with the current trading volume of major assets.
With Dove Wallet’s website renewal, it is expected to create more user-centric environment that provides meaningful financial benefits to a broader range of users faster and conveniently and enhances the information visibility.



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