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Dove Wallet’s new KYC policies and requirements

Dear Customers,
As a KYC solution is now in place to ensure compliance with the anti-money laundering(AML) measure in Dove Wallet, we would like to inform you of newly revised service policies and requirements.

1. KYC Verification
For the Lv.3 verification, you need to submit the supporting documents as follows; Selfie holding your photo ID(passport for Non-Korean, passport, resident registration card, or driver license for Korean), and your handwriting note of the words ‘Dove Wallet’, the date of the photo taken.
For Korean, KYC replaceable mobile verification service will also be available.
After the submission of KYC verification, we will confirm the approval within 24 hours.

2. Level 3 withdrawal policy
For Korean, you may need to upgrade the verification level to Lv.3 for the withdrawal.

3. Restriction Policy for Minors
Service is restricted to minors under the age of 19 with KYC and will be adjusted later according to newly imposed regulation policies by each country. We need to tighten the compliance standards as new regulatory demands come into place, and Dove Wallet expects to be able to comply with AML regulatory environments around the world more efficiently with KYC.

Thank you and Super happy!




Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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