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Looking back at 2020 digital asset market from Dove Wallet surveys

As 2020 is coming to an end and a new year is quickly approaching, Dove Wallet looks back at the digital asset market with our global user surveys.

66% support digital asset taxation as it becomes the norm
Amid continuously arising questions and confusion surrounding digital assets taxation, 66% of global users supported it, interpreted as reflections of expectations for full-fledged regulation & legalization. On the contrary, 20% of users have dissented with their disapproval, expressed it was premature, and needed a new digital asset tax framework.

‘Asia’ will be the most digital asset-beneficiary region
25% of global users believe Asia will benefit most from the fast-growing digital assets market. Following very close behind were Europe & Latin America with 24%, saying they are also hotly-anticipated & promising regions. Its result tends to show that many agree that troubled regions with economic & political problems could exploit the benefits of digital assets more readily. It is also uncontroversial that Asia is the most hopeful region since it has emerged as the pronounced leader in the digital assets market, playing essential roles with significant influence.

‘Security’ as the most crucial factor
While new types of digital assets finance services have been churned out over the year, 36% of global users voted for ‘security’ as the most critical factor to consider for crypto users in selecting a digital asset exchange or wallet service. Its result seems to reflect the prevalent distrust of digital asset platforms.

Digital assets will gain currency as real money within one year
53% of global users said that it would take one year for digital assets to gain currency as money in our daily life. Such results reflect high expectations for a newly transforming financial system, not to mention Paypal’s digital asset service launch and the introduction of government-driven digital currencies such as China’s DCEP.

‘Digital assets’ as the most attractive investment option
34% of global users chose ‘digital currency’ as the most attractive long-term investment option, ‘stock’ & ‘real estate’ placed 2nd & 3rd. Especially, ‘digital assets’ has strengthened its position as a favorable investment option as Bitcoin value has risen nearly 140% compared to the beginning of the year, and big financial institutions have begun to participate in the massive investment.



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