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[notice] NPXS token swap support & deposit/withdrawal suspension

Dear Dove Wallet users,
With recent NPXS announcement, the NPXS is swapped for the PUNDIX at the swap ratio of 1000:1. Dove Wallet supports the token swap and swap all the NPXS tokens for PUNDIX.

  • The swap ratio: 1000:1 (for each 1000 NPXS tokens, they get 1 PUNDIX token)

For more information on NPXS token swap, please refer to the official statement below, deposit/withdrawal are now suspended and we will notify you when the PUNDIX transaction resumes.

Please do not deposit NPXS after the suspension, the deposits made after the suspension will be omitted from the swap target, and there are very limited actions we can take. All transaction orders will be also cancelled.

Thank you.



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