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Survey shows people prefer to take control of crypto keys themselves

Still, many digital asset users prefer to keep and manage their private keys themselves.
In a recent survey asking the most preferred means of storing digital assets, a whopping 70% of all respondents cited “personal PCs or mobile phones,” while 10% of users chose the hardware wallets as their preference.
Surprisingly, only 7% of the respondents said they prefer exchanges or software wallet services despite its popularity.

Overall, the survey showed a strong willingness for digital asset users to manage their digital assets & private keys themselves. Some may interpret the result as proof of widespread distrust of exchange & wallet service, after the continued hacking incidents and the lack of legal mechanisms to protect the assets despite the convenient usability.
However, despite such a one-sided preference for private key management, there is still a debate about appropriate storage methods as it is widely known that a significant amount of digital assets is permanently lost simply by being careless.
A total of 7,244 Dove Wallet users from 186 countries participated in this survey.



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