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Using 2 Factor Authenticator(2FA) app for PC

2FAs is available in various devices. There are people who have contacted us and said they don’t have a device(smart phone or tablet) to access the Google Authenticator. In this case, please use PC version of 2FAs.

There are various kinds of 2FAs. The article below may help you to choose which application to use.

  1. Before downloading a 2FAs app, check whether the developer of the app is valid.
    Since OTP(2FA) standard spec is open, anyone can make same implementation. It is possible for a malicious developer to develop a 2FA app to steal your secret key, so it is advisable to use well-known software.(It is recommended to avoid applications developed by individual or newly established firms.)
  2. Turn off secret key sync feature even if your 2FAs app provides.
    Online synchronization of the secret key makes things easier, but it is more likely to be hacked. Even though there is no negligence of the users, precious information may be leaked, if a 2FAs service provider’s server is hacked.
  3. Check the app is open source
    Open source 2FAs app can be verified by a third-person.
    Being open source does not guarantee the security of the app, but it is more likely to be safer since open source app can be verified externally. Downloading free software may install malware such as adware and spyware, which may result leakage of the secret key in the worst case.

Smartphone’s 2FAs app is more secure than that of PC. PC has to be in one place, so they are more vulnerable to physical hijacking. We recommend you to use 2FAs on your smartphone most cases. Furthermore, if you want to be more secure, using a smartphone without network connection is advisable.

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