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UX improvements for mobile use

We want to share our latest changes to Dove Wallet, reflecting our customers’ feedbacks on UX improvement.

1) Fixed top layer — Scroll views with the fixed top layer will provide better user experience, especially on mobile devices with the limited display screen.
2) Eliminating unnecessary space — It was one of many customers’ feedbacks on Dove Wallet UI improvement, we removed redundant margin space between the menus to help improve its readability with a cleaner outlook.

In response to some of the customer suggestions, we also plan to work on customized screen modes such as “professional trading mode,” “night mode.” Your ideas are of paramount importance to improve Dove Wallet. Please feel free to tell us how you truly feel about the service, and your valuable feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you and Super happy!




Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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Dove Wallet rebranded under the name “BTX”.

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